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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 09:16

88.1 KDHX Spring Drive 2012: FAQ and more

88.1 KDHX Spring Drive 2012: FAQ and more Sara Finke
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Spring Drive 2012 runs Thursday, March 29 through Sunday, April 8. Drive 88.1 KDHX into the future today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate?

Because 88.1 KDHX is a non-profit, commercial-free radio station, and we rely on our listeners to remain on the air. You love diverse, independent music, and KDHX is your source for great sounds you won't hear anywhere else.

What makes 88.1 KDHX special?

We are a grassroots, volunteer-based, independent radio station in St. Louis -- and so much more. We present great events like the National Film Challenge, Twangfest and Harvest Sessions, and we keep you informed about what's happening in the arts community with our comprehensive events and concert calendars. And we're always partnering with other non-profit organizations to make St. Louis a more vibrant, culturally-rich place to live.

How can I donate?

Starting at 5 a.m. on Thursday, March 29, call 314-664-3688 or donate right now at We accept all major credit cards and we can also bill you later.

What is the Radio Frequency Club?

It's our monthly-giving program, and it's become the most popular way to support KDHX. You set the amount -- $10, $20, $30 a month, whatever fits your budget -- and we will take care of the rest. Your monthly donation provides a steady stream of revenue to KDHX and it's a budget-friendly way to make sure independent, commercial-free radio stays alive and well on the airwaves. Join the Radio Frequency Club today!

What are the benefits of donating to KDHX?

You'll get the satisfaction of knowing you are a supporter of independent radio in St. Louis. Plus at the $88 level and above we'll send you tickets to Midwest Mayhem, our big spring party at the City Museum on May 10.

I'm already a member of the Radio Frequency Club. Do I still get tickets to Midwest Mayhem?

Yes! All RFC members will receive two tickets to the party.

I've never donated to KDHX before. Why should I start now?

You listen to 88.1 KDHX, you get valuable and entertaining information on and you enjoy the great events and concerts we present and sponsor. You want to keep KDHX going strong into the future, so become our newest supporter today!

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