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88.1 KDHX DJ Spotlight: DJ Needles of Rawthentic, Part 2

This is Part 2 of Dannie Boyd's interview with DJ Needles. Read Part 1 here.

88.1 KDHX DJ Spotlight: DJ Needles of Rawthentic, Part 1

“My name is Needles…I got to have a needle on the vinyl.”

Nappy DJ Needles is known across the St. Louis hip hop and soul scene for his turntable tactics and fresh groove for every occasion. Needles describes his comical yet interesting story of how he came up with the name Needles. "I wanted to make people understand that when they hear 'Needles' they know that they're going to get somebody who's playing records with an actual needle to the record," he says.

88.1 KDHX DJ Spotlight: Andrea of Radio Rio

In October 2011, Andrea of Radio Rio will celebrate her 10-year anniversary at 88.1 KDHX. Upon her arrival in St. Louis, Andrea brought her small but lovingly cultivated collection of Brazilian CDs and her sharp musical wit to an eager public.

Charting the Music: Yuck, Self-titled

Yuck, an up-and-coming band from London, has delivered everything from sweet and mellow to saturated filth with their debut self-titled release. The truth is I have been hoping for the chance to give my 2 cents about the album since it first arrived at the station.

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