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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 13:08

Charting the Music: Ha Ha Tonka, 'Death of a Decade'

Charting the Music: Ha Ha Tonka, 'Death of a Decade'
Written by Joshua Edwards
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What's a surefire method of putting a fresh spin on an album? Try recording it in a 200-year-old barn. Ha Ha Tonka did just that for its newest release, Death of a Decade.

The band hails from the nearby Ozark, Missouri region. Traveling all the way to New York State to undergo the recording process shows the devotion the band has to its craft before the music is even heard. But of course, the music speaks volumes.

On Death of a Decade, Ha Ha Tonka manages to blend roots Americana influences with a contemporary edge. Smooth vocals and backing harmonies add further layers to this batch of creativity. Choir-like sounds ooze from tracks like "No Great Harm" and the title track. The heavy presence of mandolin on these songs adds great texture and depth. Meanwhile, the creamy guitars and tight percussion are coated with the natural reverb that only an old barn can provide, something impossible to mimic in a standard studio. It's easy to see why this album has received the ample amount of 88.1 KDHX airplay is has thus far.

Written by Joshua Edwards, Music Department

On the KDHX Charts: #1 on Americana and #3 CMJ Top 30 for April 5, 2011.

This album can be heard on: Feel Like Going Home, Sound Salvation and Bittersweet Melody.

Even more: Ha Ha Tonka performs in St. Louis at Off Broadway on April 22.

Usual Suspects by Ha Ha Tonka by Bloodshot Records

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