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Wednesday, 16 March 2011 16:00

Charting the Music: Lucinda Williams, 'Blessed'

Charting the Music: Lucinda Williams, 'Blessed'
Written by Joshua Edwards
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Lucinda Williams' Blessed has felt strangely familiar to my ears, though I've just begun to dive into her newest release. This familiarity likely stems from instrumentation. The blend of blues and country are easy to absorb. They carry along a sense of comforting nostalgia for me.

Blessed has a mellow vibe overall, with a few tracks being the exception. The instruments are often quiet and offset nicely by Williams' slight rasp. Her rough-around-the-edges vocal approach proves highly effective in carrying the somber subject matter. Songs like "Copenhagen" and "Ugly Truth" contain an impressive lyrical complexity that should not be overlooked. Still other tracks seem stripped down lyrically in an effort to drive the point home. The desperation in her delivery is impossible to ignore in the song "Convince Me"; it just might be my favorite for this reason.

Start to finish, the latest batch of songs from Lucinda Williams satisfies. The ability of these songs to resonate with the listener is difficult to explain with words alone. Perhaps they were meant to speak for themselves whilst played.

Written by Joshua Edwards, Music Department

On the KDHX charts: #3 on AMA Americana and #5 on CMJ.

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