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Monday, 11 August 2008 16:46

Check Out Our New Schedule

Check Out Our New Schedule
Written by KDHX

On August 11, KDHX 88.1 FM rolled out a new program schedule. The first thing you'll notice is that it has lots of familiar voices and shows. You'll also hear some new voices presenting even more kinds of music, and doing so with 88.1 FM's unique passion and independence.

What you will also hear is how well the programs flow from one show to the other and how the schedule groups shows -- across the same part of the day, each day of the week -- that have things in common, like a similar genre, style or mix of music. Our plan in presenting this new schedule is to make it easier to hear the music you love and to encourage you to explore more of KDHX's musical offerings by making the changes between shows more seamless.

The new program schedule is here.

Here's a taste of what you'll hear:

  • Morning and afternoon drive are expanded to 3 hours.
  • Weekdays start at 5:00 am with a rock strip, followed by three-hour drive shows from 7-10 am with a general Roots/Rhythm/Rock orientation.
  • Mid-morning (10-12 am) is Roots/Americana/Rock moving to more straight-ahead rock in the afternoon (12-2 pm).
  • The afternoon (2-4 pm) strip will move more to Rock/Funk/R&B.
  • The evening Blues block expands to just under three hours from 4-6:50 pm.
  • Evenings (8-10 pm) is indie rock.
  • Overnights are stripped vertically by genre/affinity. Monday-Punk; Tuesday-Jam & Reggae; Wednesday-Dance & Electronic; Thursday-Hard Rock & Metal; Friday-Hip Hop & Reggae.
  • Saturday starts with Americana/Country/Bluegrass and moves to World in the afternoon/evening followed by Jam & Reggae overnight.
  • Sunday starts with Americana/Bluegrass/Folk and the afternoon is devoted to educational shows, rounding out the week with Blues & Jazz. Sunday shows are presented in a 90-minute format.
  • Democracy Now! will run as a 10-minute headline service airing at 6:50 pm followed by local talk. You can catch the full version of DN! on the web 24 hours a day at and at 6 and 11 pm on KDHX TV 21 on Charter Cable in the City of Saint Louis.
  • Some of our long-time programmers will be leaving. Some are retiring, some will move to KDHX2 (our HD channel that launches this fall), while others will be leaving the airwaves. We wish them well and thank them for their service to KDHX.

These program changes represent the work of the program committee, board and staff, with a lot of information from listeners, programmers, and other stakeholders as well as information about how people use media and how they listen to radio. In making these decisions, it was important that the programming on KDHX continue to be produced by members of the local community who bring a knowledge and passion to the airwaves that's just not available anywhere else. At the beginning of the process, we contracted a values study to find out what people value about KDHX and what is important to them. They told us that the six most important things about KDHX are Entertainment, Independence, Diversity, Community, Creative Expresion and Localism. These were the most important considerations in making these program changes. The other things that we considered were how people listen to radio, musical flow and listener affinity between shows.

We know that sometimes it's hard to think about changing something that has become a part of your everyday routine, but we wanted to help you get ready for the change with a little background on the new programming and why we're making these changes. We will be doing a listener survey in the fall to learn about how our audience is using the new schedule, so be sure to look for it and tell us what you think. If you want to comment on the changes prior to that, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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