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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 11:23

Event photos: Folk School Student Showcase at Off Broadway, Tuesday, March 11

Folk School Student Showcase Folk School Student Showcase Jarred Gastreich
Written by Kelly Wells
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On Tuesday, March 11, attendees of the recent Folk School Winter Class Session morphed from students into Folk Rock Stars, taking to the stage at Off Broadway and showing off their newly-learned skills.

Those showcased were fiddlers who have only been playing for 8 weeks, harmonica students improvising over 12-bar blues, ensemble classes performing for the first time together and mandolin players chopping out rhythm and melody like old pros. Each class was given a chance to shine and shine they did.

For many students, the Folk School's bi-annual showcase is the first time they’ve performed on a professional stage, and it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Across the board though, nerves were quieted in favor of stellar performances, complete with thundering applause and great support from the crowd.

The Student Showcase embodies the spirit of community and folk music. Who knows? Maybe some day one of these brand-new musicians will say that they got their first taste of glory at the Folk School.

Photos by Jarred Gastreich

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