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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 13:20

Reasons to be thankful, from 88.1 KDHX

Reasons to be thankful, from 88.1 KDHX Sara Finke
Written by KDHX

Thanksgiving really is a time to be thankful. At 88.1 KDHX we have hundreds of reasons. The Internet itself isn't big enough to contain them all, so here's a sample, from our DJs and staff, in this season of thanks.

We'd love to hear what you're most thankful for in 2012. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

I am grateful for the spirit of volunteering. Whether you are providing your time and talents to help cultivate the arts in St Louis or delivering meals to needy families, your support of community and humanity is incredibly valuable. Thank you to volunteers everywhere. Scott Bahan, Volunteer Coordinator

I'm thankful that my son-in-law has returned safe and sound from Afghanistan, We're very proud of him, but he's where he needs to be -- with his wife and three beautiful, young daughters. I've also been blessed this year with two brand-spankin'-new, healthy grand-babies --  what a miracle and joy they are. Wishing everyone out there a happy and healthy holiday season. Ed Becker, host of Songwriters Showcase

Here is my short way of saying thanks, starting with: Family. Summer of 2012 was wonderful; I got a chance to visit and stay in Bolivia with my folks and my siblings. I'm grateful that the liberty is available to me. There were also a handful of KDHX DJs that sat in for me while I was away, another reason to be thankful. We all love music, an obvious understatement and a general mutual feeling. So many years ago, so many programs ago, so many musical formats ago, KDHX was there for me. They have all been part of my expanding musical sound stream. -- and we continue! Muchas gracias a todos! Carlos, host of Latin Hemispheres

I'm thankful for the influence the digital age has had on today's music landscape. Beyond the general ease by which people with little technical skill can produce great recordings, it has also contributed to the rediscovery of some great music talent, left behind by the music business machine. Greats like Bettye LaVette, Sharon Jones, Charles Walker, Lee Fields and Charles Bradley have all had what could be considered a healthy second go at a career and life in music, arguably due to the digital age. Likewise, so much recorded music has been restored, digitized and re-released -- and it could only be made available with current technology for distribution and sharing. Andy Coco, host of the Rhythm Section

So, I'm getting divorced. How does this painful and paradigm-shifting event fit into giving thanks? Quite easily!

I have more support and help than I can tap into, my soon-to-be ex-wife and I don't hate each other, and our kids haven't heard any anger or dodged any airborne dinnerware. Our son and daughter know that they are loved and have nothing to do with what broke Mommy and Daddy apart. For that matter, they're dealing with it better than some adults do.

All that makes me realize that while this process is just "difficult" on a good day, I can't honestly complain much. My people are looking out for me. Sure it's rough but I'm surrounded by people that won't let me fall down. I'm not a data junkie, but I'd estimate that there are about 2 billion people in this world that can't say that on their best day, ya know?

To quote the Beastie Boys, "When you've got so much to say it's called gratitude. And that's right." Nick Cowan, host of Train of Thought

I'm thankful for the continued health and happiness of my family and friends. I'm also thankful that artists like Neil Young, Gram Parker and Bob Dylan continue to put out inspiring music late in their careers, in addition, of course, to all the great new music made by younger bands. Allen Dahm, host of Bittersweet Melody

I passed several milestones this year. I celebrated 25 years of marriage to my wife, Diane, and 25 years of service to my employer. I have been playing music with my friend, Wayne Schell, and our band the Lodge Brothers for 20 years, and I have been teaching mandolin at the Folk School for 10 years. I'm drawn to things I like. When I find them, I tend to stick with them. Longevity is a great luxury. It allows me chances to make mistakes, to learn from them, and then to do better. I have made more than my share, but thanks to the patience, understanding and good will of my wife, my employer, my friends and musical partners, and my students, I have had the chance to improve. I am thankful for the longevity I have enjoyed -- as a spouse, an employee, a bandmate and teacher -- longevity that is only possible because others "see me better than I am." In this respect, I realize I am blessed, and my heart is truly grateful. Keith Dudding, host of Down Yonder

I'm thankful to live in St. Louis. Of the various cities and towns where I've lived, St. Louis has the friendliest, most creative and community-minded residents. I wouldn't trade all the wonderful people I've met here for a beach house in Malibu. Caron House, host of Wax Lyrical

I am thankful for God allowing me to be here, thankful for my family and friends that have been with me for all my years on this earth, and I thank God for bringing me through that fire I was in for the last three years. And I'm thankful for the listeners who tune in to KDHX. DJ Iceman, host of Deep Krate Radio

For me, every day is Thanksgiving, a daily ritual of praise to Jah! Thankful for my life, health, family, true friends, nature, music and everything natural ("Ital"). I'm thankful to Jah for using me to spread a global message of love, peace and unity through reggae music -- which touches the heart, soul and conscience of all that have ears to hear. Ital-K, host of Ital Rhythms

I'm thankful for being in a profession that allows me to help others when they are unexpectedly in a time of need and, in extreme cases, in cases of life or death. (For example, so uplifting to see someone literally dead when they roll through the door just last week on a day before my show drop and, a few days later, having him thank me for saving their life and invite me to their place in the country to go fishing.) And I'm thankful that I work at a hospital and in a department that, in order to help me keep my life in balance and to keep me from getting completely fried or insane, allows me to have every Wednesday off so I can do what I truly love to do for three blissful hours on the air. Dr. Jeff, host of the Big Bang!

Music, especially live music, is such a big part of my life, that I'd be the world's biggest ingrate if I didn't express thanks to all the fine venues in St. Louis that give great bands great places to play. Sure, they're businesses, but the very best of them care deeply about the sound, their patrons and the performers who take their stages. Off Broadway, the Sheldon Concert Hall, the Firebird, the Fabulous Fox, Jazz at the Bistro, the Old Rock House, the Heavy Anchor, the Pageant, the Focal Point, Plush, the Tap Room, the Bottleworks, the Broadway Oyster Bay, the Duck Room, Beale on Broadway, the Peabody, the Shanti, BB's Jazz Blues and Soups -- and on and on, with too many to name: My days and nights would be lost without them. Roy Kasten, host of Feel Like Going Home

Of course I'm thankful for wonderful friends and family, but I am also extremely thankful to be a resident of our wonderful, culturally rich St.Louis. What a great place to live. Nancy Kranzberg, host of Arts Interview

I'm thankful for our world-class symphony orchestra and chorus, the explosion of both local cabaret talent and cabaret producers, our three professional opera companies, and the fact that we have over 150 local theatre groups producing everything from old-fashioned musicals to edgy contemporary dramas. I’m thankful to the Cabaret Project for the opportunity to host a cabaret open-mic night on the third Wednesday of each month at Tavern of the Fine Arts. I’m thankful for all the volunteer reviewers at KDHX who devote so much of their time to covering so much local theatre. And I’m especially thankful for my lovely wife Sherry, our vintage home in our walkable Soulard neighborhood, our charmingly eccentric extended family and the fact that I’m healthy enough to enjoy all of it. Chuck Lavazzi, Senior Performing Arts Critic

I'm grateful to be seeing heightened interest from youth and people of diverse backgrounds in civic matters and social issues. I think the increased visibility of important issues and distributed/facilitated conversation in social media is rapidly developing peoples' sense that their voices can be heard and that their actions can create change. Steve Ley, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Producer of Media Arts

The love, patience, compassion and hilarity of my family and friends make up the best music in my life. Thank you all. Lindsay, host of Get Up Get Down

I just want to say thank you to all my friends, family and even some listeners, who have been kind and supportive through this past really difficult year of my life. Y'all know who you are! Sunnyboy Mason, host of Howzit Bayou?

I used to have a next door neighbor who grew up in Iran. Our kids were in school together. We did a lot of talking in the yard as we were doing various things. Even though he had lived in the U.S. for a long time, he still often talked about the opportunities we have and the choices we are free to make. So, when I'm asked to say what I'm thankful for, his thoughts often come into the picture.

I am thankful that I can have trouble narrowing down all the things I am thankful for. That may sound clichéd, but it's very true. Family, friends, health, work, play...they are all good right now...and for that I am grateful. I'm also thankful the election went well. And for music, particularly the blues and R&B and rock 'n' roll, and the chance to share it with people. Doug McKay, substitute host for Louisiana Stomp

I'm thankful for the incredibly vibrant, vigorous theatre community we have here in St. Louis, and for the opportunity to interview so many talented theatre artists -- in St. Louis, in New York and across the country. The American theatre is in a new Golden Age, and my co-host Deborah Sharn and I have front-row seats. Scott Miller, host of Break a Leg

A new acoustic Taylor I'm learning to play, Hip hip hooray!
Musicians from Mali, Good Golly Miss Molly

Meeting Ramblin' Jack, a nice rack
A day of good weather, my new shoe leather

Fresh squeezed juice, my wife's caboose
Fred Eaglesmith's funny stories, Old Glory

Reggae with roots, knee-high black leather boots
The Rolling Stones, Sharon Jones and a trombone's moan

Friend's old and new, Farka Touré, first name Vieux
Hot collard greens made with soul, good ol' rock 'n' roll

The health of my kin, a joke that makes me grin
Old songs by Tom Waits, a friendly "No worries mate!"

Fond memories on which to reflect, many shows on KDHX

Mark Perry, host of Drifter's Escape

I'm thankful for my new job. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to do a two-hour radio show every week. I'm thankful that going to see live shows is a huge part of my life, even in my 30s. But most of all, I'm thankful for my lovely wife, my darling children and the cozy little South City house we share. Jason Robinson, host of the Mixtape

I'm thankful for my health, family and friends. This is, of course, generic and obvious for most of us, but this year, after undergoing major surgery, the support from my family and friends, close and casual, some of whom I hadn't seen in years, has been overwhelming and deeply appreciated and heartfelt. I saw my best friend from childhood, who I hadn't seen in over 20 years and visited cousins in Oregon and spent more time with others visiting here in St. Louis. A year I hope to never relive but always remember. Thanks to all of you.

I'm thankful for grandkids. As my granddaughter pushes 6, I look back at the time we've gotten to spend with her over this last half-decade daily with smiles and wonder.

I'm thankful for Devo. Not only is the band the namesake of my show, Uncontrollable Urge, but I have been a fan for over 30 years and finally got to see them at the end of this summer with Blondie as part of a semi-spontaneous road trip. I was also fortunate to see some other great shows this year: Sloan in Portland, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo at the Pageant, Swans, the KDHX R.E.M. Tribute Show, Mission Of Burma, Off!, the annual January concert by the Bad Plus at Jazz at the Bistro, house concerts like the Baseball Project, having Calvin Johnson and his latest band the Hive Dwellers stop by KDHX, and Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) at the Contemporary with his great presentation of his distant relatives coming to America from Wales in search of a Welsh-speaking Indian tribe -- to name just a few.

Thank you St. Louis [hold up devil horns here]! The new century has been great for St. Louis music. This past year includes many great releases from bands like Middle Class Fashion, Spectator, Aquitaine, Kentucky Knife Fight, the Blind Eyes, the Union Electric, CaveofswordS, Pillow Talk, Spelling Bee, Rough Shop, Medical Tourists, Bruiser Queen, Cosmic Afterthoughts, Karate Bikini, the Nevermores, Magic City, and many more (to come). bobEE Sweet, host of Uncontrollable Urge

I am thankful for the talent and community of St. Louis musicians. Kat Touschner, Media Arts Producer

We are thankful for family, friends, music and a roof over our heads. And even though the times are a bit rough, it's still way better than some folks have it in the rest of the world. And we'd really be thankful if everyone could get along and work together. Walter and Willa, hosts of Bluegrass Breakdown

I am thankful for the way the Internet and media technology have united the global music scene. The small-market, domestic acts and foreign scenes across the globe are not only there to discover, but communication and support is now at your fingertips. The mainstream is still powerful, but these advancements have given the independent, the underground and the geographically distant the potential to reach the world. Wil Wander, host of Elevated Rhymestate

I'm thankful that I can live by this creed another year: "Here I sit with a drink and a mem'ry. But I'm not cold, I'm not wet and I'm not hungry. So classify these as good times." -- Willie Nelson Chris Ward, Director of Marketing and Communication

I'm thankful to live in a community where diversity is celebrated, the arts are supported, new ideas are applauded, and where being exactly who you are is exactly what everyone wants you to be! Kelly Wells, Executive Director of the Folk School

I'm thankful for no major family health setbacks this year. Health is everything.

I'm thankful Paul McCartney, Chuck Prophet, Marty Stuart, Kelly Hogan, Lee Fields, Aimee Mann, Merle Haggard and so many more great performers came through St. Louis this year.

I'm thankful that St. Louis seems to be getting better in so many facets -- a stronger local music scene, better venues, better restaurants, availability of locally produced food and a wider array of cultural attractions.

I'm thankful that KDHX is stronger than ever because of the support of loyal and impassioned listeners, volunteers and staff.

I'm thankful because I couldn't ask for better friends.

I'm thankful for my wife, Marie, and three felines, Mavis, Otis and Toussaint.

I'm thankful to have a roof over my head in an area I love.

John Wendland, host of Memphis to Manchester


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