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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 10:51

UPDATE: LouFest caption contest ticket winners

UPDATE: LouFest caption contest ticket winners Photo by David McSpadden
Written by Chris Ward, Marketing/Communications
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Someday we'll find it: the Rainbow Connection. And, after over 160 comments, we believe that day is today. LouFest takes place September 7th and 8th in Forest Park, and we're sending 5 winners and their guests to the show!

We asked you to caption this photo of, what we believe to be, the lighthearted cousin of the Predator that Arnold hunted in the jungle. This was one of the hardest contests we've judged in recent memory. Certainly, the most sparkly, if nothing else. But we had to pick 5 winners, and here they are!


"This was Frank's passive-aggressive response to Janet's insinuation that wearing a band shirt to a show was 'a little much.'" --Erin picks up the audience award, as her comment had the most public votes. Congrats! On to the other winners...



"My Bong Exploded." --Mike Noll


"Oh Sh*t! You see him too? Excellent" --Sarah


"Friends worried as Mitt Romney continues deeper into his post-election depression." --Greg


And, the staff's personal favorite:

"Pictured left to right: high, wasted, high-waisted." --Erica


Congrats to all who won! And remember to follow KDHX on Facebook and Twitter, where you'll hear about future contests first. See you at LouFest, everyone!






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