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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 14:16

UPDATE: Midwest Mayhem contest winners

UPDATE: Midwest Mayhem contest winners
Written by Chris Ward, Marketing/Communications
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KDHX and Photomaton asked you to send us your most Mayhem-inspired photos for the chance to win tickets to Midwest Mayhem 2012, May 10 at the City Museum. And...

Well, a couple of you did. So instead of 3 winners, we're picking all 5 entries! Without further delay...YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! EVERYONE GETS A CAR!* Now we know how Oprah feels.


(*car defined as a pair of Midwest Mayhem tickets) 


We're assuming everyone else already has their tickets to the craziest party of the year, or simply does not enjoy "fun." That's ok, we love you all anyway. At any rate, here are your winners!


First up is Daniel Eberle-Mayse, who submitted many entries, but this one is particularly interesting. We can't tell if this is a party, or some sort of punishment "Boo-Boo Box" for bad children. This is the alternative to spanking your kids, we guess. And hey...speaking of spanking...

...Actual spanking! This came from the appropriately named "Jack Ruff" who did not identify whether he was on the receiving end of this or simply the cameraman, or potentially a surprised landlord. We asked for "A picture of a time in your life when something absolutely bananas was going on," so we take partial responsibility for this. And we're pretty open minded around here so the shocking thing to us isn't this photo, it's the time stamp: 10:51 AM. 10:51 AM?!? What, Starbucks wasn't open? 



So there you go. Sad Bill you have anything to say before we continue?


Very well then! Thank you Sad Bill Cosby. Our next entry comes from someone known only as JV, who submitted a bevy of fantastic photos in the final hour of the contest. This one with the Dirt Cheap Chicken was our favorite, apparently from a Midwest Mayhem years back. And as those of you who have been to Midwest Mayhem before already know, costumes are encouraged. Wait, there in the photo is that...Oh wait, JV stands for Johnny Vegas. Can't believe that took us that long to put together. See you at Mayhem, Johnny Vegas!


Next up is Jace Jones' account of, what seems to be, a fateful night out at The Handlebar by Mr. Clean. Had the photographer called an ambulance first instead of picking out the right Instagram filter, Mr. Clean might be with us today. But Jace can still party in his honor.


And last, but certainly not least, is Nick D'Angelo who says "This photo was taken at about 3 AM at Sidney and Arkansas -- one block away from the KDHX studios. It was after an excellent Flaming Lips concert. The night was filled with real mayhem." Nick, if you wear this to Midwest Mayhem, I'll buy the first round. Kudos. It takes real guts to wear rollerblades these days.

We want to thank you guys for the awesome entries, and we'll see you at Midwest Mayhem on May 10! Be sure to come by the Photomaton Photo Booth to make some Mayhem memories of your own this year.








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