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Friday, 15 February 2013 11:15

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Ellebracht

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Ellebracht Sara Finke
Written by Scott Bahan
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Editor's note: Longtime KDHX volunteer Sandy Ellebracht passed away on February 10, 2013. The KDHX family will miss her very much. This interview captures much of her volunteer spirit; it was originally published in the September 2011 issue of the KDHX Newsletter.

Sandy Ellebracht does not consider herself a morning person, yet for 10 days twice a year, she makes herself available at 5 a.m. to volunteer in the phone room during KDHX Membership Drives.


What makes this self-proclaimed night owl rise so early? Is it the made-to-order omelets? Are her favorite KDHX programs on at 5 a.m.? Actually, Sandy volunteers for this shift because she knows it is one of the hardest to fill, and she has the rest of the year to sleep in. It's this unselfish quality that makes Sandy so valuable to KDHX.

Born and raised in south St. Louis City, Sandy is the daughter of a retired St. Louis Policeman who spent 42 years on the force. Her mother writes the newsletter for the St. Louis Police Wives Association, a job she took over from Sandy when Sandy was hired at the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum and St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame as the Director of Visitor Services. A graduate of DuBourg High School and St. Louis Community College-Forest Park, you might say Sandy is as St. Louis as Ted Drewes and toasted raviolis! When the Bowling Hall of Fame left town for Texas, she was offered the opportunity to move, but couldn't bear the idea of leaving her hometown and family. Instead she decided to make a "Canned List" of things to do now that work was not in the way. She keeps herself busy with home improvement projects, mentoring, babysitting great nieces and nephews and volunteering at her favorite radio station.

Sandy has been a member of KDHX since 1996 and a volunteer since 2000. She first started volunteering answering phones during the drive and quickly became a phone room supervisor, a job she still does today. Sandy has also helped write public service announcements and pre-drive newsletters. Her favorite part about volunteering at KDHX are the people she meets. "Even though I may only see them twice a year, you get to know them, their families, their pets." Unique people joined together by unique music and culture. It is hard for Sandy to declare a favorite program, that is what she loves about the station. "It satisfies all of my musical guilty pleasures. The crazy music that you are not going to hear anywhere else. I love world music. The less I understand it, the better."

If she could, Sandy would give away all her money to organizations like KDHX, but instead she gives her precious time because she loves to help. After getting to know Sandy, we get the feeling that even if she had more money than time, she would still show up at 5 a.m. to volunteer. So, from one fine St. Louis institution to another, we thank you.


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