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Monday, 07 June 2010 14:53

Music Department Internship

Music Department Internship Sara Finke--

KDHX DJs are volunteers who are given complete creative control over their own shows - the music department does not make decisions about what the DJs will play. The primary role of the music department is to maintain a library of releases, new and old, for DJs to use for their programs, to facilitate in-studio performances and interviews, generate web content, and to improve the servicing we get from record labels.

Location: KDHX (3524 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103)

Supervised by: Nick Acquisto, Music Director

Time Commitment: 15-20 hours per week, 200 hour per semester (or as specified by your school’s curriculum).

Qualifications: Strong knowledge of music across multiple genres. Strong writing skills. Pleasant phone demeanor. College or other radio experience preferred. For more information, contact Scott Bahan, Volunteer Coordinator, at 314-973-6194 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Tasks Performed

Label Relations

  • Enter new contacts into the database
  • Send introductory emails to new contacts
  • Assess one sheets and new releases
  • Assist music directors with tracking phone calls and emails
  • Assist music director in making and responding to in-studio performance, interview and airplay requests
  • Assist in compiling weekly music charts (FMQB, CMJ, AMA) and “adds” based on airplay data
  • Help represent KDHX at conferences and events

Generate Web Content

  • Write articles on new music releases for under supervision of web editor
  • Update music charts on the KDHX website weekly

New Music Processing

  • Open packages and sort new releases by genre
  • Assist music director with screening cds before putting into library
  • Track CD passes
  • Pull older new releases and check for airplay
  • Process albums serviced digitally
  • Assist music director in ripping CDs to digital library
  • Supervise volunteer tasks - entering new releases into digital library, entering new releases into music library database, and labeling and shelving new releases

Library Maintenance

  • Keep CD library and digital library up to date-- check cds for airplay, change listings in database to be removed from the library if there are little or no on-air spins
  • Sort shelves, re-alphabetize cds, and check for missing CDs
  • Supervise volunteer tasks - sorting new releases by airplay, updating music library database, reshelving releases and ripping older cds to digital library

DJ Relations

  • Review Programmer play lists, track new release spins and missed play lists, and correct problems
  • Distribute promotional copies

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