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Stellar performances energize a truncated 'Götterdämmerung' at Union Avenue Opera

This weekend, Union Avenue Opera concludes its 22nd season with "Götterdämmerung" ("Twilight...

The MUNY closes its 97th season with the spirited, crowd-pleasing 'Oklahoma!'

Rodgers and Hammerstein's beloved "Oklahoma!," running through August 16, 2015, is bursting with memora...

‘Spellbound’ casts its magic in a beguiling, enchanting production

Stray Dog Theatre brings a fantasy fairy tale to life in a charming staging of "Spellbound, a musical fable,&quo...

'The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler' is a comic trip beyond fiction

St. Louis Shakespeare brings "The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler" to life in a fantastic tale filled wi...

Take a delightful ride on the 'Carousel'

Hawthorne Players has opened a fine production of the beloved “Carousel”, by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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Amy Schumer has nurtured a reputation for irreverently tackling explicit sexual topics. Revealing persistent, pervasive double standards of blatant sexism, Schumer turns the tables on her male partners, rejecting emotional involvement and long-term commitment, confronting sexist insults. How surprising then…
Darkly comic and nearly equally as unsettling, "The Killing of Sister George," presumably relates the sad story of the death of a beloved radio character. Under this pretense the audience is offered an at times too intimate look at a…
If there's one thing the Midnight Company's artistic director and principle actor Joe Hanrahan knows, it's how to find and interpret interesting characters with good stories to tell. The remarkable part about this is that Hanrahan has been creating these…
In 1959, at the age of 22 and just as his career was taking off and stardom seemed assured, influential songwriter and rock and roll pioneer Buddy Holly died tragically in a plane crash. The MUNY's current production of "Buddy:…
From the moment that Scott Schoonover raised his baton to invoke that incredible athletic overture it was re-confirmed to me that "Don Giovanni" is indeed the zenith of 18th Century opera. 
Don't be confused. Emma Bovary is a 19th-century novel about the titular woman, whose married name is spelled with an a. "Gemma Bovery" is about a modern lass, a Gemma, not an Emma, whose last name is spelled with an…
In these centennial years of The Great War, it is wise to look again at Vera Brittain's astonishing, best-selling autobiography of her early adulthood. The paperback runs more than 650 pages, so this 129-minute film version is episodic at best,…
Psychologically driven films that burrow deep into damaged characters can be riveting, informative and entertaining. However, the story must carefully and coherently probe the central characters emotional traumas and offer insight into them. This is what director Kim Farrant clearly…
They're short and squishy or tall and Twinkie-shaped. They're yellow, serious, screaming yellow, and they have excellent toofies. They have one eye or two, one green or one hazel, and they wear goggles, helpful when they fall on their faces.…
A showcase for the prolific songwriter and showman Irving Berlin, "Holiday Inn," in performance at the MUNY in Forest Park through July 12, 2015, is stuffed with memorable melodies and toe tapping dances, then finished off with a happily ever…
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