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At the St. Lou Fringe: Music, comedy, and lightspeed Chekov make for a grand finale

This past Saturday (June 27th, 2015) was the last day of the St. Lou Fringe Festival and, by sheer coincidence, also ...

At the St. Lou Fringe: Of community, cabarets and 'Candy Says'

The fourth year of St. Lou Fringe Festival, is a celebration of performing arts featuring more than 100 shows and eve...

'Hairspray' delivers a relevant message with humor, catchy tunes and fun dances

The musical "Hairspray," based on the John Waters' movie of the same name, uses the styles, culture, mu...

At the St. Lou Fringe: A full house of entertainment

Thursday, June 25th, turned out to be my best Fringe experience yet, with two fine one-person shows and a powerful Sh...

At the St. Lou Fringe: Tops, taps, and toxic men

In this first of a series of dispatches from the St. Lou Fringe Festival, we talk of top spinning, tap dancing, and t...

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Thursday, 04 June 2015 01:27

'The Threepenny Opera' is a wicked good time

Written by Tina Farmer
One of the magical qualities of theater, and a characteristic that makes dark comedy so thoroughly enjoyable, is its ability to take characters you would avoid in real life and transform them into oddly sympathetic and completely likeable anti-heroes. Such…
Now in its 29th year, Circus Flora, St. Louis' own one ring circus, continues to delight audiences with thrilling, death defying acts of human and animal skill. Though the circus is small, the acts deliver the exhilaration and dramatic energy…
Puccin's romantic drama "La Rondine" was something of a problem child for the composer. Opera Theatre's utterly splendid production of the original 1917 version (there are thee altogether) illustrates the issue: Giuseppe Adami's clunker of a libretto. As beautifully sung,…
Sunday, 31 May 2015 10:22

'The Pillowman' will leave you sleepless!

Written by Steve Callahan
If you think those tales from the brothers Grimm get pretty grim, think again. You ain't seen grim till you've seen the blacker-than-black little fables that spring from the mind of Martin McDonagh in his play, "The Pillowman." The Theatre…
Gitana Production's "Black and Blue" is a thought provoking, well-acted and strongly worded play that stirs discussion in an attempt to create a fuller, more varied and nuanced understanding of racial conflict, not only in St. Louis but across America.…
Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis' 15th season tackles one of Shakespeare's most well known plays, "Antony & Cleopatra," with a bold, lust-filled and politically intriguing production. The tragedy of Cleopatra's last love affair is set among the wars of Rome,…
If there were truth in titles, the film "The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared" would confess to partial accuracy. Indeed Allan Karlsson does celebrate his 100 birthday by fleeing his nursing home, escaping through a window.…
Director Cédric Jimenez's "The Connection" details the burgeoning international heroin trade channeled through Marseille, France, mid-1970s into the 80s. Those enmeshed in what we call the French Connection, since it stretched to the U.S., consisted of magistrates, prosecutors, judges, and…
In his charming film "I'll See You in My Dreams," co-writer/director Brett Haley repeatedly shows that the nominal decisions made daily in a person's life have monumental importance and significant drama. A widow for two decades, Carol Petersen's story unfolds…
Imagine jumping off a building. Or an aerial tower. Or a span or, even Earth. If you can't, you don't have the moxie required for this risky business. It was promoted by Carl Boenisch. The late Carl Boenisch. He died…
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