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Visual and Performing Arts
"Country Joe" Rosier at St. Lou Fringe Festival 2013
Not Quite Right Improv Group Perhaps because it was the 11th show I had seen over a two-day marathon of shows, or because it was the last slot of a…
Performing arts review: 'Rhythm City,' 'Asperger's: A High Functioning Musical' and 'Brave Women: Another Revolution' at St. Lou Fringe Festival 2013
"Rhythm City" The Four Fronts In a tribute to classic American Lindy Hop and early traditional jazz dancing, "Rhythm City" made Kranzberg Cabaret travel back in time with a high-energy…
Out of the Ashes Theatre Company at St. Lou Fringe Festival 2013
NonProphet Theatre Company's 'Montana: A Shakespearean Scarface' finds humor, pathos in adaptation of film.
The Goddessey Project at St. Lou Fringe Festival 2013
"Connect the Dots" Core Project of Chicago I enjoyed this modern dance troupe. Blue Dots, four in all, slid along the black box floor amidst a web of blue painters…
One man's guide to the 2nd Annual St. Lou Fringe Festival
The five-day 2nd Annual St. Lou Fringe Festival is happening this June 20-24. This year's Fringe has a multitude of local and national arts groups performing in indoor and outdoor…
Comedy review: Judah Friedlander (with Kelsey McClure and Sean O'Brien) delivers champion set at the Firebird, Friday, February 8
Judah Friedlander -- donning a custom, Aurebesh-script "World Champion" hat -- brought both his laid-back brand of stand-up and an old-school Imo's pizza party to the Firebird for a rare…
Event photos: Circus Flora's 'A Celtic Night Circus: Tír na nÓg,' Thursday, October 18
Circus Flora's "A Celtic Night Circus: Tír na nÓg" was a mystical evening getaway, complete with a petting zoo, dazzling performances, a great dinner and an entire evening of engaging…
Event photos: Grove Fest, Saturday, October 6
The 7th annual Grove Fest took place on Saturday, October 6 in the Grove neighborhood of St. Louis and featured an array of local music, interactive art, street performances and…
B-Boys at Dancing in the Street
The sixth annual Dancing in the Street festival took place on Saturday, September 29th in Grand Center, where three stages showcased a diversity of dance styles from around the world.
Holi Festival of Colors at the Celebration of Oneness
Celebration of Oneness took place in Strauss Park on Saturday. The event was a gathering of diverse cultures, showcasing music, dance, poetry, storytelling and ending with a Holi Festival of…
Event photos: Hoochie Coo Variety Hour at the Coliseum, Thursday, August 30
The Hoochie Coo Variety Hour took place at the Coliseum on Thursday, August 30.
Event photos: Workbook opening at Gallery Visio, Wednesday, August 22
Gallery Visio presented the opening of its first-ever interactive live art show on August 22.
Lola Van Ella at the Beggar's Carnivale
The Beggar's Carnivale was an explosion of entertainment encompassing silent theatrical comedy, dance, extraordinary aerial acts, a live gypsy-style band called the Royal We, fire breathers and more.

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