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Sunday, 19 August 2012 13:07

Event photos: Beggar's Carnivale at Casa Loma Ballroom, Saturday, August 18

Lola Van Ella at the Beggar's Carnivale Lola Van Ella at the Beggar's Carnivale Virginia Harold
Written by Virginia Harold

The Beggar's Carnivale was an explosion of entertainment encompassing silent theatrical comedy, dance, extraordinary aerial acts, a live gypsy-style band called the Royal We, fire breathers and more.

This bi-monthly event happened on Saturday, August 18, at the Casa Loma Ballroom off of Cherokee Street. Every Beggar's Carnivale is created around a theme, this one being "The Grand Delirium." The entire show was somewhat of an absinthe-inspired dream, complete with hallucinations, seeing double, a love story and an epic battle between wizards.

The entire venue was packed with an audience of all ages and people of every kind. The upstairs of the Casa Loma featured the Beggar's Alley, which included carnivale games, vendors and the Hooch tent. There was never a dull moment, with curious ambiance around every corner: a bearded lady, a mermaid, a knife thrower, a tarot card reader and more. The next Beggar's Carnivale will take place in November.

All photos by Virginia Harold. To see the full set, follow the link below the gallery.

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