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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 14:36

One man's guide to the 2nd Annual St. Lou Fringe Festival

One man's guide to the 2nd Annual St. Lou Fringe Festival Virginia Harold Photography
Written by Robert Strasser

The five-day 2nd Annual St. Lou Fringe Festival is happening this June 20-24. This year's Fringe has a multitude of local and national arts groups performing in indoor and outdoor venues around Grand Center and Midtown Alley in St. Louis.

All shows are under 60 minutes long and will be performed throughout the weekend. Check the website for a complete schedule.

Here's a quick guide on how to get the most out of Fringe:

1. Stop by Fringe headquarters at 519 N. Grand Ave.
2. Marvel at Em Piro's hair color.
3. See a show based solely on its title.
4. See a show based solely on the venue.
5. Stop at the Flying Cow, fashion a Key Lime frozen yogurt topped with gummi worms, raisins, chocolate chips and whipped cream.
6. See at least one of the 10 out-of-town acts.
7. Go to an after party.
8. Workshop, workshop, workshop.
9. Convince the golf cart shuttle to take you to Schnucks.
10. Realize you're watching a parody of a well-known Al Pacino movie written in iambic pentameter -- marvel.
11. Realize Taiko drumming is bad ass.
12. Laugh.
13. Cry.
14. See an opera.
15. See a musical.
16. Figure out what Satori means.
17. Watch a dance troupe -- lament picking soccer over ballet when you were 8.
18. Improv, improv, sketch.
19. Run into someone you know -- converse.
20. Fringe, baby.