There’s a hole in my neighborhood down which of late I cannot help but fall

My current most favorite musician in the whole wide world is Guy Garvey, the lead singer and songwriter of the Manchester, England band Elbow. have been head over heels in love with them from the moment the first record was released; four albums in and it’s still an active romance.

The latest Elbow album, Seldom Seen Kid, is more than partially responsible for my wish to return to the KDHX air waves. Like everyone at KDHX, I am always eager to present music that my listeners will love. After years and years at KDHX, I can’t hear new music without thinking how it will sound in the context of my show. Without a show when I first received Seldom Seen Kid, I was itching to get Emotional Rescue back on the air as soon as I had listened only once. Really, I love the record that much.

Elbow have a way of sounding anthemic, epic and intimate all at once. No matter how soaring the instrumentation (and oh, how they can soar!), Garvey’s voice remains conspiratorial and personal, as if he’s whispering his thoughts right into your ear. In short, no matter how big the tune, there are no Jesus Christ poses going on here.

As a bit of a side job, Garvey hosts a weekly program on BBC Radio-6 Music, Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour. One of his regular features is asking listeners for their “default” songs, defined as the music that’s in your head when you’re not actively listening to anything else. “Grounds For Divorce” from Seldom Seen Kid has been my default song for weeks now and I’ve been doing my best to infect my listeners with its magnificence. To that end, I present here the video for the song.

And if you wake to find yourself humming about a Chinese cigarette case tomorrow, I will happily take the blame.


  • cornelia

    thanks, just heard this song on the radio and tried to look up their playlist, silly station doesn;t do a very good job of updating, so i found it here! love this song/band- is the rest of their stuff great?

  • Cat Pick

    Yes! Every album is great, but I’m rather biased. :)

  • Rusty

    you know they kind of remind me of audioslave … amazing music you found here. glad i ran across it !

  • kat

    looking for cd with the hole in the neighborhood..on it