For STL’s Old-School Rockers: Two Days of Holiday Nostalgia

As noted in the previous blog posting, there’s a bit of nostalgia on the KDHX airwaves over the holiday break, as I, ol’ Thomas Crone, get to spin in two rock slots: as a fill-in host on Doug Morgan’s “The Record Sto’,” from 2-4 p.m. on Thursday; and with my new(-ish) “Silver Tray” on Friday, from noon-2 p.m. On tap will be a couple dozen cuts from St. Louis rock bands, both contemporary and defunct. If things go as planned, we’ll zoom through materials from the 1970s all the way up to unreleased recordings from still-active groups, with a big chunk of new wave found in between.

This is (luckily for me) the third T’day in a row I’ve gotten to cover for Doug Morgan on his popular Thursday show, and with each of those slots I’ve been joined by the endlessly entertaining Scott Randall, the frontman of Fragile Porcelain Mice. His band will continue a Thanksgiving Day tradition of its own that night, with a show at South City’s Lucas School House; they’ll be joined onstage by a just-reunited local band, Celery. FPM’s last show at the stately School House was one of the rowdiest in their recent career, with FPM’s members being forced to stop playing, in an attempt to calm the amped-up crowd.

Would imagine that the scene in the KDHX studio will be only a little more sedate on Thursday afternoon, as Scott and I play tracks by a host of STL groups, past and present, like: the Unconscious, the Urge, Uncle Tupelo, the Eyes, Stranded Lads, Corporate Humour, the Nukes, Judge Nothing, Aviation Club, the Barking Aardvarks, the Finns, Enormous Richard, Be-Vision, Somerville-Scorfina, et al. While Scott won’t be riding shotgun on Friday, the format will be repeated at noon, as I try to squeeze in as many of STL’s best as the 120-minutes of programming will allow.

If you remember catching shows at Kennedy’s, Cicero’s Basement, Mississippi Nights, the Bernard Pub, Furst Rock, Billy Goat Hill and countless other lamented venues in town, do consider dropping by 88.1 for a listen this week. If you do, the tape hiss you’ll be hearing will be… tape hiss, compliments of authentic, period-piece audio cassettes. Enjoy.


  • chris

    Crone as curator of St Louis music is the veteran local palooka who stays on his feet so long that it becomes gradually evident that he is the towering champion.

  • Doug Hagen

    Hey there, I heard from Danny Hommes that you opened the nostalgia show on 11/27 with the song “I” by the Foolish Virgins. I was the bass player in that band & was happy to hear about our little sputtle of recent fame. Even though I now live in Seattle (having left SL in 1987!!!) I would love to hear the entire show. But it doesn’t seem to be available as a stream from the station website. Is there any way I can find that show online?