Sworn to the Drum to perform on ASNB

This Sunday, November 30 Sworn to the Drum will perform on All Soul, No Borders between 10:30PM and Midnight on KDHX. The group bills themselves as a “musical salute to the drum.” They play improvisational jazz with a variety of world drumming infused. The group is led by Baba Mike Nelson. He plays trumpet, flügelhorn, conch shells, and assorted percussion including the bata drum. Sunday’s line-up will include Aaron Parker on alto sax and flute, Mondel on congas, Ariel on Bass, plus the poetry of K. Curtis Lyle and vocal/rhythmic accompaniment by David A.N. Jackson. They are promoting an upcoming concert at The Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar next Sunday December 7 from 7-9PM.

I saw a version of this group at The Gramophone on Tuesday where I heard some greatness and a good deal of potential. I am glad that there is music being made like this in St. Louis. The sound was groove oriented, exploratory, and trance-inducing at times. Please help spread the word and I hope you can tune in.


  • http://www.52ndcity.blogspot.com Thomas

    Great show, JW. Even before the band, you were onto something on Sunday. Thanks for the continuing musical education!