Frank Zappa Memorial Bar-B-Que

Thank you to all that tuned into the Smoking Lounge on December 3rd for the tribute to Frank Zappa. I enjoyed talking to all of you, and had no idea there were so many people that appreciated this composer’s body of work. I will be doing this again for Frank’s birthday the week of the 21st. Please send in your e-mail requests so I can include as many as I can. I am going to include many selections from the numerous band members that have been in the rank and file of the Zappa machine.

For those of you that expect the reggae riddums on the program, never fear, this will only happen twice a year, to celebrate the man that influenced my love and passion for this medium we call music.


  • http://n/a kevin

    Hey, been a while since i’ve listened.Zappa AY? good deal.The man was phenominal…Grew up w/some of his music. not all..was fortunate to see him at the Fox year’s ago!Still waiting to hear his symphony music..A couple of his song’s I really enjoyed were “let’s make the water turn black”, and of course “Joe’s Garage”.Fantastic guitar player!

  • phil gleckler

    I wish I didn’t live so far away and had more information concerning zappa events and any related type of event going down. I miss so much living in the woods. can someone let me know when shit happens? I try to catch Project Object anytime they come to town but it just ain’t enough.