Mr. Michael on Silver Tray + Reunion Mania

Last night, while glancing at the headlines on, I noticed a “frontpage” article on the band Pale Divine, penned by longtime Post feature writer Diane Toroian Keaggy. The piece caught up with the two principal members of the group in most folks’ (ahem) eyes: guitarist and vocalist Michael Schaerer and lead guitarist Richard Fortus. The piece deftly portrayed the differences in current lifestyles for the two, as well as the long-time-coming reconciliation that allowed for next week’s PD reunion at the Pageant.

After reading the article, it dawned on me that Schaerer’s a working musician around town, and might just have time to drop by the KDHX studio for some mid-afternoon chat and acoustic play. Within minutes of finding his e-mail address, he responded in the affirmative and he’s now booked for Silver Tray, on Friday, December 26 (the show airs from noon – 2 pm CST); he’ll come in for the last half-hour, or so, of the shift and will be bringing his acoustic guitar, so expect some PD chestnuts among the cuts he’ll be performing and discussing.

Because of the amount of local groups reuniting over the weekend, I’ll devote the balance of the second hour of the show to a recap of bands in town over this oncoming, packed weekend. As a primer, here’re the highlights after the jump.

Thursday, December 25: Brian Krumm of the Great Crusades (and an alum of former STL stalwarts the Suede Chain) will be playing the Stagger Inn on Christmas night, with some of the bandmates potentially checking in, as well. Dana Anderson and the Mad Iron Trio open.

Friday, December 26: The Unconscious will perform at the Lucas School House, along with Johnny Bliss, a group including the Nukes’ Mike Eisenbeis and Sinister Dane’s Donald Williams (on drums!); DJ Mark Lewis opens the set. The band’s been giving occasional reunion shows over the past decade and this one finds the group with the same six-piece lineup that the band employed during their primetime run: Mike Apirion, Darren O’Brien, Jon Taylor, Matt Tecu, Paul Matulef and John Covelli, all in the house.

Friday, December 26: Just a few minutes away from the Lucas, St. Louis expat Kristeen Young will be performing at the Way Out Club. According to her recently-redesigned website, there’s a new record coming in January, “Music for Strippers, Hookers, and the Odd On-Looker.” Perhaps a few copies of that release will find their way to the Way Out in advance; would certainly imagine some of those songs on the set-list.

Saturday, December 27: Fragile Porcelain Mice has kept its long-running Thanksgiving show going over the years, but the group really pushed itself back onto the local scene in 2008, with a handful of energetic shows at venues all over the metro area. This time, they’ll be back at the venue that hosted their T-day show just a few weeks back, the Lucas School House. (Which, as reported on KDHX’s blog, is closing at the end of the year, just a few days after this gig.) For whatever reason, the band and this venue have clicked, with some really fine FPM performances taking place on the edge of Soulard. Springfield, IL’s NIL8 opens the show.

Monday, December 29: And, to round things out, the show mentioned at the beginning of the article, namely: Pale Divine at the Pageant, along with opening band The Nukes, fresh off their recent (and early-ending) show at the Duck Room. The Follow will play a post-set in the Halo Bar; and, in the interests of disclosure, this blogger will spin records after that all, until the Halo’s last-call. But the bodies will be there for the Pale/Nukes doublebill, which should provide a real treat for anyone who called Kennedy’s a regular haunt during the late-’80s and early-’90s.

I’m catching up on sleep already, in ready anticipation.