Scene of the Crime is invaded by Ninnies!

Photo by Tom Galda

Photo by Tom Galda

Each week on Scene of the Crime, Jason and Ann Rerun spin sides from countless ’70s & ’80s Punk and New Wave bands. Some bands are well documented, but many of the bands/records are complete mysteries. With so many fly-by-night bands releasing their own records without proper distribution, and the small amount of information on the records not being current for 25-30 years in most cases; it’s often hard to track down much, if anything on these bands. In their never ending, record collector-geek fueled quest to put all the pieces together, Jason and Ann hit pay dirt with one Chicago area punky Power Pop band!

During a search for an original copy of the sole 45 by suburban Chicago band the Ninnies from 1981, Jason stumbled across one of the members of the band. Emails and monies were exchanged for said 45, and the band member mentioned one of the Ninnies now resides in Saint Louis. More emails were exchanged (with now, both members) and a feature on the Ninnies was born. After several weeks of careful planning and anticipation, Jason and Ann Rerun are proud to welcome three members of the Ninnies as special guests on Scene of the Crime. The Saint Louis Ninnie along with two of the Chicago Ninnies will join Jason and Ann in the studio on Monday January 19 from 10:00 pm – Midnight. The Ninnies members will fill in those puzzle pieces and warp our minds with tall tales of Punk band antics from the late 70’s. Music from the forthcoming Ninnies CD collection will be heard for the first time outside of the band on this special! Don’t be a Ninnie! Tune in!

Update: Here’s a 45 single from the Ninnies.

Spaz Attack

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  • Cheryl Azzato

    As sister of St.Louis NINNIE, Johnny A, I am blown away by the fact that my brothers’ band is being featured on “Scene of the Crime”. The NINNIES’ lyrics and musical rifts were so intoxicating, refreshing and exciting in the early 80′s; very much ahead of their time and had quite a following. I attended performance’s where the audience would not let them leave the stage! It is so wonderful to see this talented group rediscovered. All the best to them and a thank you to you & Ann for the airtime.

    Cheryl Azzato

  • Jill Flynn

    I remember sitting the Hideout one night and hearing them play a new song. (I don’t know how I missed it being written since they practiced in my basement but then I had learned to sleep through it -crank that Les Paul, JohnFly)I literally laughed until I cried – I am anxiously awaiting for the Lost Tape “Seymour Butz” to resurface, although probably it’s in my basement too. Good luck to you, Ninnies.- Love you all.
    Jill Flynn

  • Mary Valdez

    I would mention the fact that I introduced Dave Becker, the mysterious man in the hat, to Flynn and company, but then I would have to mention WHAT YEAR and that ages me too much.

    I always said that John Flynn was one of the most talented guitarists I have ever heard, it is nice to get some vindication here. Unfortunately, I only knew “the band”, or most of it, before the glory days and missed all the fun.

  • Mike Ryan

    Hey, congrats guys.

  • Kirk Swanick

    Talk about a blast from the past!
    As John Flynn’s brother-in-law, I have many fond memories of this era,(some quite foggy), including John thrashing away on my ’65 Strat at the Infamous And Legendary Mundelein Lanes Bowling Alley bar. Even if I never made the Big Time, at least my axe did!
    Well, that’s what I tell people, anyway!
    What I REALLY want to hear is Molecule Beach, though! My favorite Ninnies recording from this era!

  • John Cook

    I’ve always been a big fan of these boys and hung out with them many a time in their formative years. I even had the opportunity to (try) and play guitar with them a few times but I just wasn’t good enough. Caught them at several night-club appearances however and they always turned the crowd into raving maniacs. A reunion and nation-wide tour would be GREAT!!! A few of the members even accompanied me in my pharmaceutical education. Good luck to them all.

    John Cook (Pharmacist)

  • Rich Reese

    You know, sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time and effort searching for one stinking 45rpm record. After reading your blog…I remember! I can’t wait to tune in Monday nite and hear what is sure to be a very cool show. Keep up the great work and keep scouring those dusty old bins in used records stores, flea markets, yard sales, etc. for more hidden treasures.

  • J.C.

    what a great, GREAT, single this is … incredible really (greetings from Lokeren, Belgium)