Fred’s “Six Feet Under” – Grand Re-Opening Tonight!

The heir-apparent to Frederick’s Music Lounge, hosted and bartended by Fred Friction himself, is finally re-opening, after more than a year of bureaucratic-hoop-jumping-through by the owners of the Iron Barley. That’s where the cozy basement bar is that becomes the music club in the cold weather months.

Tonight, from 10:00 ’til Midnight or so, the Sins of the Pioneers are bringing their multi-generational brand of New Orleans Jazz and R&B, Rock & Roll, Country, and Creole Caribbeanisms to heat up the night.

It’s tradition without the tedium. That’s at 5510 Virginia Ave — just north of Bates. (You have to go around back to get down there.)


  • Ned Watson

    The festivities will continue the next night with the blues rock trio, The Blue Lemmings Band. The Lemmings will be jumping in Fred’s from about 10 PM on Saturday. Warm up with some hot rock and roll at FSFU.

  • angie

    I had my own bar stool at the old Fred’s. Too bad I moved away from STL so I can’t claim a spot at his new place. Good luck, Fred, I miss you and Dana and Trish and Kathleen!