Townes Van Zandt tribute and KDHX benefit in March

Had he lived to see it, March 7, 2009 would have been Townes Van Zandt‘s 65th birthday. I doubt he would have retired. The legendary Texas troubadour rivaled Dylan for road fever — and rivaled him in song as well.

More details as they emerge, but mark your calendars for an all-star Townes Van Zandt tribute and birthday party at Off Broadway on March 7, 2009. Confirmed performers include: the Brothers Lazaroff, Chris Johnson, the Dive Poets, Ben Bedford, the Poorhouse Says, May Day Orchestra, Auset, Corey Saathoff and Theodore. All proceeds will benefit your community radio station, KDHX.


  • Frans Bevers

    Together with Hans Golverdingen I am collecting Townes’ songs done by other artists. Over 2.500 now.
    Would it be possible to receive recordings from your show for the archives?
    Non commercial. Nothing less than building a monument for Townes.

    Kind regards, Frans

  • Roy Kasten

    Caleb Travers and Cassie Morgan have also signed up!

  • Matt Brinkmann

    Add the Funky Butt Brass Band to that list!

  • Steven K. Shaffer

    Hej,Franz! This is Sky from the Townes listserv. I live in St. Louis and go to Off Broadway quite often. Let me know if I can help or talk to the performers for you. I love your Townes by Others site. I found a bunch of pictures of the wake at Windows on the Cumberland in Gnashville.. that was a good gig.


  • Roy Kasten

    And Rough Shop is signed up!

  • Scott Haycock

    I’ll be there in spirit, duetting with you on “Pancho and Lefty”.