Celebrate Black History Month on Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst

When I first considered doing four shows on Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst I didn’t think I could pull together somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 hours of material of R&B, soul, blues and early rock ‘n’ roll covers done by artists I regularly play on PTBBB. I generally spin British Invasion, Mersey Beat, Power Pop, Pub rock, garage, folk rock and stuff that fills the cracks between those genres. Once I started getting material together I found that I had miscalculated — not only did I have plenty for four February shows, but I could easily do two more years of February shows and not repeat a single song.

It goes to show the enormous impact African Americans and their music have had on a wide range of genres and styles. It’s also given me an even greater appreciation for that music. I had to do a lot of research and fact checking when looking to see who wrote the songs, who sang them, who do we most associate with them. I’ve learned a lot and I hope to continue gathering content for future Black History Month celebrations — after all, isn’t that one of the reasons for Black History Month? To learn more, and understand more?

I have two shows in the can for the month (which can be heard for the next few weeks via the streaming audio archive at my program page) and two more planned for the February 19 and 26 shows. I hope you can tune in.


  • http://www.markscottcarroll.ws Mark Scott Carroll

    As a person of African descent, I find your insight and revelation particularly honest and credible. I believe that your awakening to new origins and genres of music is really what “music lovers” seek to experience. Like no other art form, music transforms humanity — consider the conscious hip hop genre for example.

    Shows like POP (as well as KDHX) go a long way toward fostering an inclusive mind set amongst its listeners. Focusing more on what’s “common” between us (in this case little-known facts of music history) is far more culturally transformational than perpetuating our differences remaining comfortable with our ignorance and prejudices.

    Thank you for sharing your music with us Richard. Much success on POP. Continue to change the world!