KDHX Vehicle Donation Program

Do you have a car you want to get rid of? Don’t sell it–donate it to KDHX! We are pleased to announce that KDHX now has a vehicle donation program. Many types of motor vehicles are accepted including boats, motorcycles, trucks, cars, motor-homes and even airplanes.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of selling your vehicle please consider donating it to KDHX. Proceeds from your vehicle donation go directly to KDHX and you are able to claim a tax deduction. This is an easy way to support the best radio station in Saint Louis! All of the details are on the support page of KDHX.org. You can call 1-877-KDHX-876 (1-877-534-9876) to have all of your questions answered and to arrange for pick up!

Junior Boys Visit KDHX

Junior Boys (Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus) came to KDHX’s studio on Saturday, April 25 to perform an exclusive 30-minute DJ set. They were in town to perform a live set later that night at SLU’s Billiken Club along with Max Tundra. Junior Boys are on tour in connection with the release of their latest studio album, Begone Dull Care.

The DJ set, along with an interview, will be aired this Wednesday at 10:20pm CST during Beep Beep Boop Boop. Tune in at 88.1 FM in Saint Louis, listen live online, or peep the entire show streaming later on.

While Junior Boys are probably best known for their own electronic pop (”Like a Child” and “In the Morning“), it’s always interesting to hear what music an artist is digging – and during the DJ set at KDHX they did just that, playing only vinyl.

Their first time in Saint Louis, I pointed out that if the Arch is that big from Grand Avenue, think of how big it is closer up. Unfortunately, they would be closest to the Arch on Sunday morning at around 6am, sleeping in the tour bus on their way to a Daytrotter session in Rock Island, Illinois.

Check out Rob’s blog post interview with Max Tundra here.

Jason Reitman Loves KDHX

Photo courtesy of Jason Reitman Myspace

Photo courtesy of Jason Reitman Myspace

I’ve never been what you would call a movie buff. I’m pretty well-versed in Italian film, but that’s about it. I go to the movie theater four times a year, tops. It’s not for love of the art–it’s just something that has fallen by the wayside over the years, along with reading, writing, photography, and everything else I did back when I had spare time.

It’s because of this general oblivion to popular cinema that I found myself Googling “Jason Reitman” after receiving an e-mail from someone praising Nomadic Reverie who was “in town working on his new film” and curious about a Marissa Nadler song I had played. I learned what many of you probably already know–this is the man who is responsible for the Clooney-mania sweeping the city–the director of Up in the Air, the film currently being shot in St. Louis, as well as Juno and Thank You For Smoking

While it’s tempting to post the emails chronicling my brush with Hollywood, I’m going to restrain myself. Long story short, Mr. Reitman offered to come on my show and do a guest DJ set. He showed up on April 14 with Anna Kendrick (from Twilight and Rocket Science) and a mix CD in tow. Due to my extremely flustered state, we only had time to get in two tracks and an interview, but his chosen tracks were as follows:

Tindersticks, “The Organist Entertains”
The Menahan Street Band, “The Traitor”
YACHT, “So Post All ‘Em”
Kid Koala, “Things’ll Be Good Again”
Tangerine Dream, “Love On A Real Train”

Today is the last day that this interview will be available streaming on kdhx.org. Surf on over to the Nomadic Reverie show page to hear the show. Jason comes on towards the last 20 minutes. It will be good for some laughs, if not for Jason’s wit, then for my extreme awkwardness.

The KDHX Interactive Web Media Project

If you’ve been following the KDHX Blog, or maybe KDHX Twitter or befriended 88.1 FM via Facebook, or checked out our streaming video and audio, you know that we’ve been expanding our online presence, with the aim of developing richer content and more dynamic interaction with our audience, both in St. Louis and beyond. But we’re just getting started. The Web remains a wide-open world of information, entertainment, and, above all, opportunity.

That’s where the KDHX Interactive Web Media Project, part of the Americorps CTC*Vista Project (sponsored by the College of Public and Community Service at UMass Boston), comes in. We’re looking for qualified applicants who are genuinely excited and knowledgeable about internet media, and who believe in the mission of KDHX, to work with us as we sharpen and widen our online vision. After all, it really is your community and your media.

If you think you’re the right person to join KDHX on this year-long journey of service to the community, visit our work opportunity page, read our detailed description of the position and the benefits offered, and if you’re ready, apply today.

Silver Tray is Live in May

Greetings, it’s your good pal Thomas Crone, noting that the Friday afternoon radio show Silver Tray (12 – 2 p.m., CST) is bringing Silver Tray’s rabid, worldwide audience live sets of music throughout May. With five Fridays to play with, the show’s got an interesting range of local performers coming by the KDHX studios weekly. Each performance is slated for the 12:20 – 12:40 time slot, so if you’re catching the show via streaming, after-the-fact, you won’t be waiting long for the live stuff. Hopefully, though, you’ll be able to track the performances live, all throughout May.

Here’s a rundown of the performers:

May 1, We’re Wolf. Caught this group at a local coffeehouse’s open mic night recently, and though the rest of the evening wasn’t special, the brief, two-song performance of the duo We’re Wolf stood out, plainly. Think: lo-fi, indie pop, with engaging harmonies and even some tambourine, which you can sample at their Myspace page.

May 8, Finn’s Motel. At the time these notes are being punched up, Finn’s vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Joe Thebeau was still putting together the specifics of this session, whether it be solo, or with some accompaniment. Either way, expect some new material from this gifted songwriter, who fronts of St. Louis’ under-appreciated rock acts.

May 15, Andrew John. The longtime leader of groups like Stranded Lads and MOSS, Andrew John‘s also spotted in hundreds of solo gigs around town, creating everything from classic rock, to power pop, to kid’s music along the way. He’s releasing a new acoustic-based album later this month, on May 16 at the Shanti, and he’ll preview cuts from it at KDHX.

May 22, String Buzz. Though this acoustic rock duo is relatively new, they’ve made music together before. Drummer Ron L. Isley and guitarist/vocalist Ann Le Anne were mainstays of the classic STL group Plaid Cattle. They’re back on the scene now, have music at their Myspace page, and plan on playing the Iron Barley the weekend of this performance. (EDIT: Due to some unfortunate scheduling difficulties, we’ll now be joined by Birdleg for this afternoon’s performance. Punch up their name at the Vimeo video sharing site and you’ll get a pretty good sense of what’s happening with this energetic live act.)

May 29, .e(r!c hall). The combination of .e and Eric Hall have been making interesting music together lately, merging .e’s electric guitar, vocals and increasing use of electronics, alongside Hall’s ever-growing collection of noisemakers, of all sorts. They’ve recently begun playing some club dates together and we’re lucky to catch them in this new form, live on KDHX.

Richard Fortus on Topic A, Tonight

For many local music fans, Richard Fortus will first be thought of as the charismatic guitarist of the local heroes The Eyes/Pale Divine. His innovative lead guitar work in that project was certainly solid enough to launch a long career. One that’s taken no small amount of interesting twists and turns.

Pale Divine’s dissolution lead to a gig with Richard Butler and the The Psychedelic Furs; with Butler, he’d also found Love Spit Love. From there, the list of projects include everything from European tours with Nena (of “99 Red Balloons” fame) to ongoing collaborations with dance music star BT, alongside occasional TV and movie scoring. These days, he’s not only a steady sideman for pop superstar/tabloid favorite Rihanna, he’s the music director for Guns N’ Roses, a band with which he’s been associated for the better part of a decade.

The graduate of St. Louis City’s Visual and Performing Arts High School will discuss all that tonight, on Topic A, with host Amanda Doyle. The show airs from 7:30 – 8:00 pm CST each Monday, featuring conversation on monthly themes; Fortus is part of April’s “Expatriates” lineup.

For more info on Fortus, you can find it at his site: www.4tus.com. Or, you can just listen to the show tonight, our recommendation.

Coltrane Time

Jazz? Where do I start?

Right here! Now’s the time.

A radio event beginning April 26, and running for five consecutive Sundays, Joshua Weinstein will be presenting the acclaimed radio documentary Tell Me How Long Trane’s Been Gone. Twenty years in the making, this 5-hour audio masterpiece — a thrilling kaleidescope of rare interviews, reminiscences, music selections and commentary — analyzes and celebrates the creative genius of John Coltrane. First broadcast in 2001, Steve Rowland’s prize-winning Tell Me How Long Trane’s Been Gone is particularly poignant today with the recent loss of many who were interviewed, including the late Max Roach, Dr. Art Davis, Alice Coltrane, Elvin Jones, and Sekou Sundiata.

This week’s episode (Hour 1) entitled “What Was” will feature rare recorded interviews with Charlie Parker and John Coltrane; Coltrane’s first-ever recorded performance, in 1946 on alto sax, while with the Navy in Hawaii; interviews with Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie, McCoy Tyner, Steve Lacy, Rashied Ali and numerous other musical titans; a fascinating walking tour of the 1940s jazz scene in Philadelphia where the young John Coltrane began his musical journey. Each of five one-hour segments will air Sundays at 10:30 PM CST beginning on April 26 and continuing through May 24, during the first hour of All Soul, No Borders. Stream the show live on the net, or catch the archives if you miss an episode.

Art, ANVIL & the Pixies

The First 5 Pixies records are being reissued in a fancy schmancy collector’s box set called Minotaur. The set will have no extra tracks but will certainly have some amazing artwork and packaging. Pretty cool but pricy! Check out the video for info.

Isn’t it interesting how the music industry works? Chairlift played a set before maybe 45 people at the Gargoyle last month. Now they are opening for the Killers at The Fox on May 5th. This is due in part because their debut, Does You Inspire You? has been reissued by their new label, Columbia. It’s good to see hard working bands get a payoff.

There are groovy things afoot at City Art Supply.

May 2 – May Day Celebration and opening
Artist – Josh Crow 6pm-9pm
Music – May Day Orchestra 8pm

June 6 Opening
Artist – Mr. Ben 6pm-9pm

July 3 Opening and Show
Artist – Matty Kleinberg 6pm-8pm

Music – Bill Tucker and Friends (CHI) w/ .e 9pm-11pm

Sometimes art imitates life. In the case of metals act Anvil, truer words have not been spoken. This ’80s metal band has played with some of the giants of the genre, now they are just another band on the circuit. Their triumphant rise and fall is documented in a new film, ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL. The film is opening Friday at the Tivoli.

To celebrate the opening of the film, ANVIL will perform live at the Tivoli on Saturday, 4/25 after the 9PM showing. Anyone who has purchased a ticket for the 9PM showing of the film ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL, will also get to remain for the concert. ANVIL will also be available after the 7PM showing for a Q & A.

It’s like Spinal Tap, but real!

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