Richard Fortus on Topic A, Tonight

For many local music fans, Richard Fortus will first be thought of as the charismatic guitarist of the local heroes The Eyes/Pale Divine. His innovative lead guitar work in that project was certainly solid enough to launch a long career. One that’s taken no small amount of interesting twists and turns.

Pale Divine’s dissolution lead to a gig with Richard Butler and the The Psychedelic Furs; with Butler, he’d also found Love Spit Love. From there, the list of projects include everything from European tours with Nena (of “99 Red Balloons” fame) to ongoing collaborations with dance music star BT, alongside occasional TV and movie scoring. These days, he’s not only a steady sideman for pop superstar/tabloid favorite Rihanna, he’s the music director for Guns N’ Roses, a band with which he’s been associated for the better part of a decade.

The graduate of St. Louis City’s Visual and Performing Arts High School will discuss all that tonight, on Topic A, with host Amanda Doyle. The show airs from 7:30 – 8:00 pm CST each Monday, featuring conversation on monthly themes; Fortus is part of April’s “Expatriates” lineup.

For more info on Fortus, you can find it at his site: Or, you can just listen to the show tonight, our recommendation.