Ubiquitous KDHX

Some new releases from Ubiquity have made their way to KDHX – and they shouldn’t disappoint anyone who has high standards set for Ubiquity. A label well-known for re-issuing funk and soul, to releasing fresh new sounds, here’s the latest:


PPP: Abundance (Ubiquity)

PPP (formerly known as Platinum Pied Pipers) started with their Detroit-based production work, and have grown into a mature – and varied outfit. Including vocals by Saint Louis’ own Coultrain, this album transcends from funky horns to synth-drenched neo-soul.


James Hardway: LA Instrumental (Ubiquity)

Funk with a little bit of world tinge to it – Hardway wants you to imagine L.A. in the 70s. Take a trip!


Betty Padgett: Betty Padgett (Luv N’ Haight)

Another nod to the 70s (but from the Florida coast), this is a reissue of Padgett’s 1975 release. She worked with Milton Wright to record the entire album in one night, at just 21 years old. A local Ft. Lauderdale station ran an ad for Pepsi to her song, “Sugar Daddy” – how come they couldn’t have used it for the new Pepsi Throwback ads?


Shawn Lee Presents: Soul in the Hole (Ubiquity)

More straightforward than his movie score-esque work as Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, you’ll find plenty of vocals on this album, including some by Paul Butler (of the Bees and Devendra Banhart) the eclectic Darondo, and Nicole Willis.


Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin: Music Is My Medicine (Ubiquity)

While both Ubiquity and Hopkins’ “representatives” continue to mask the identity of Clutchy Hopkins (and some even suggest it’s Cut Chemist of Ozomatli and Jurassic 5), I guess we’ll just have to continue enjoying his music in speculation. The music, even, has a mysterious groove to it.


Nomo: Invisible Cities (Ubiquity)

Recorded during sessions and tours for their last full-length album, Ghost Rock, Invisible Cities continues to build Nomo’s Afrobeat sound with solid horns and driving bass lines. Rigorous touring has put them through Saint Louis not too long ago; hopefully they’ll swing by again soon.

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