Concert Preview: White Rabbits at The Firebird on 6/10

My co-workers and I have a long-standing tradition in our office these days: just when the 4:00 slump hits, it’s time to listen to some White Rabbits for inspiration. For those of you who have yet to experience the pounding, piano-driven, air-drumming-inducing brilliance of “Percussion Gun” (off their latest album It’s Frightening), I assure you it’s worth it. It’s worth even the incredulous looks of your next-door colleagues, if you play it loud enough.

Lucky for us, on Wednesday, June 10, we’ll be able to forego our daily ritual of watching White Rabbits on our desktop computer screens and instead witness the six-piece rock outfit live and life-size at the Firebird. I’m so excited for this show, if not to see this tireless group perform my favorite tunes in person, but to feel the pride of seeing a band with Missouri roots, now acclaimed far and away, come back home. Did I mention that they originally hail from Columbia? Seriously, it’s not to be missed. Also joining White Rabbits at the Firebird will be The Subjects (from Brooklyn, where White Rabbits now reside; their MySpace tagline reads “Like Nickleback, but less ballsy”) and St. Louis favorite Jon Hardy and the Public.

For all the excitement this concert is stirring up, I can imagine that next-next Wednesday just feels too far away. This video, by their friend and fellow-Missourian Andrew Droz Palermo, should tide you over till then:

By Julie Shore, Music Department Intern