Concert Preview: Get Ready for a Blitz! with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Photo by: Josh Wildman

Bands that live up to all the excitement you feel before seeing them live are hard to come by, but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are definitely one of them, which is why I kept my eyes constantly scanning lists of concert announcements after their newest album, It’s Blitz!, came out in March. Success! Saint Louis got a date with the band for June 2nd!

It will be interesting to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform new material, as it has a very different sound from their previous work. In fact, when I am listening to the new album I sometimes get lost and forget what I’m listening to and think I am playing a different band’s music–until I hear the vocals that could only belong to one person. Karen O is one of the greatest lead singers I’ve ever seen or heard. Whether she is dancing and jumping around the stage, moving very slow and fluidly, or even standing still with eyes affixed at just one point, the energy never wains. Other band members Nick Zinner and Brian Chase keep up with the energy for the entire set, leaving not one dry forehead in the whole venue. If you love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums, you’ll love the live set even more. Just make sure you don’t have a chronic fear of dancing in public, because there will be lots of that going on, trust me.

Supporting the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be Grand Ole Party, which will be a great way to start the evening. Hailing from San Diego the band highlights lead singer and drummer Kristin Gundred. The drum beats are hard and fierce, coming straight to the forefront, but still shielded by the power of Gundred’s voice. The vocals have a sound that is at once unique but at the same time familiar, sounding like something you’re sure you have heard before and are eager to rediscover, only to discover that it’s something completely new. According to the band’s MySpace, they are in the process of working on some new material which they may preview on the road.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs w/ Grand Ole Party
Tuesday June 2nd @ The Pageant 6161 Delmar Blvd
Doors @ 7pm – Show @ 8pm

Written by: Deidre Turner