Show Review: The 75′s Score 100% at RFT Music Showcase

Photo by Jennifer Silverberg at Goodworks

Photo by Jennifer Silverberg at Goodworks

Maybe it’s the latent riot grrl in me, but whenever I see the 75’s play, I feel like I’m a teenage feminist punk all over again. Last night the women of the 75’s (and their male drummer, not to be forgotten, proudly churning out frenzied punk beats on a pink drum set) really brought their A-game to the Riverfront Times Music Showcase, and I can confidently say that they brought the house down.

The ladies—and dude!—of the 75’s bring everything I love to a girlie punk outfit: crunchy power chord riffs, pop vocals, and a serious dose of attitude. One of the highlights of the show was “I Wanna Kill My Boyfriend”–which could very well be the anthem of their genre–a poppy/angry tune about a spurned girlfriend (presumably the guitarist, singing in her oh-so-sweet-and-innocent way) with some pretty murderous intentions. It practically sums up the perfect balance of the 75’s, that happy medium between punk unruliness and subdued girlie-dom. For me, though, the gem of the night was hearing the bassist take over the vocals on a delightful cover of “Dress You Up,” a testament to the era in which the girls were brought up. With her gritty rock-and-roll voice belting out Madonna lyrics, it certainly goes to show that, no matter how punk the 75’s are, they’ve still got a handle on their pop influences.

St. Louis really doesn’t have enough ladies bringing the rock to the music scene here (where my girls at?), so I love getting the chance to see the 75’s inspire that small flame of riot grrl aspirations in me again. The 75’s make me wanna jump on my bed, wail on my electric guitar, and scream “I wanna kill my boyfriend” for all the world to hear. Be sure to check out these rad chickadees at their next local gig on June 19 at The Library at The Kitchen (706 Lafayette Avenue). Other performers include Kepi Ghoulie, The Blind Eyes, The 75s, and Midtown Thieves. The show starts at 8; tickets are $6.

Written by: Julie Shore