Spazztick Double Feature: Cave and Upsilon Acrux

Saint Louis saw two amazing shows last week. Full-force psychedelic superstars CAVE from Chicago shared the stage with three great local acts – Ghost Ice, N. Nomurai and Skarekrau Radio – and west coast progressive math-rock madsters UPSILON ACRUX played a near sold-out show with jazz legend Peter Brotzmann and a balls-out bill with Yowie and the Ahleuchatistas.

Luckily, for those who missed these super summer shows, performers from each bill stopped by the KDHX studios to record tracks in support of their latest releases Psychic Summer (Cave) and Radian Futura (Upsilon Acrux). Many thanks to engineers Andy Coco and Jon Valley for lending their audio expertise to the sessions.

“Eschewing traditional verse-chorus-verse structures to maintain a single musical phrase for entire songs, Cave creates tracks that are like blank canvases on which an onslaught of psychedelic improvisation is painted…” – Johnny Wu Gabbert

“…Upon a first cursory listen, one may write off Upsilon Acrux’s brand of math as just the typical frenetic frenzy of fret tapping and showy extended drum fills—that person would be wrong. Given time, the listener can begin to appreciate the lush layers of the music in which neither melody nor rhythm is compromised…” – Johnny Wu Gabbert

To listen in, simply visit the Spazztick show page and catch the latest stream. To hear samples from previous Spazztick sessions, check out our MySpace.