A Phat New Release from Fattback

At Off Broadway on July 31st, Fattback premieres its second official CD, Canary, at a release party. The group from the wrong side of the tracks has put together a collection of tight, powerful, growling rock songs that will take you by surprise. This is not your mother’s Fattback. This version is mature and polished — if you dare to associate those words with these Saint Louis rockers. Known primarily as a party band, given to silly lyrics and dance anthems of a southern grunge nature, the members of Fattback have begun to stretch out and show their chops.

From the opener “No Account,” you are immediately awash in swirling guitars that make you hold your breath. “Sorry” has a vibe that will make you remember the days of lying in your room with headphones on, hiding out as you wait to sneak off to a show. The musicianship on this recording is worth noting. Dave Haggerty and Sean Dalmeyer create the sonic bed of guitars. Mike Apperson’s in-the-pocket bass lines compliment the rock-steady thunder of John Joern on drums. Grady Briedenbachs keys weave a texture that fills the spaces with pure power. No longer are there any glitches in sound: This is serious music. Having followed this band from its earliest stages, I find Canary to be one of the finest locally released discs I have ever put in my player. The production quality is near perfection. Their first release (Briefly a Zombie, 2007) had high expectations and had many great tunes, but missed the mark sonically. The boys have a real winner with this issue; the album will stand up against anything dropping nationally right now. The music business has lost sight (or hearing) of this kind of recording. What Fattback has done is harness soul and emotion in a harder rock model and made that soul accessible through a variety of genres. After hearing this recording I am already waiting for the next one. Canary was definitely worth the wait.


  • mc

    i like the range of styles implemented in the various tracks.
    and i can never say enough good things about a well engineered cd.
    i give it my approval.