KDHX Youth Education In Focus

It’s been a busy summer for creative youth around Saint Louis! More than 40 teenagers have spent a large part of their summer writing scripts, learning to operate cameras, holding boom mics, creating original music, and editing in Final Cut Express on KDHX’s MacBooks. Three camps were held during June and July in conjunction with Saint Louis County Library at Natural Bridge, Florissant Valley and Cliff Cave branches. Teens brainstormed and created PSA’s for the library, as well as video book trailers for Judy Blume’s Fudge series, Twilight, and Harry Potter. Jakobi, 15, said he participated because he wanted to learn more about filmmaking. He thought the PSA was the most fun because they laughed and had a good time while they were filming. Check it out to see why eating fried chicken isn’t appropriate in a library.

Florissant Valley Library Youth PSA

While those teens were creating PSA’s and book trailers, a group of 16 teens were working in Mid-town to document summer apprentices in Saint Louis Artworks programs. For 6 weeks during the summer, high-school students are selected as apprentices and paid to learn about a form of art and produce a commission, such as a bike rack for Forest Park, a dance performance, or a raku ceramic mural for health offices. Where else can you create art, learn from professionals AND get paid to do it, especially when you’re 16? KDHX apprentices have learned about photography, video production and the practice of documentation. Their work culminates Thursday, July 23 in a public performance, open house, and sale of their photography at the Commerce Bank Education Center on Kingshighway (free and open to the public). It’s stunning what these kids have learned in such a short period of time. A KDHX apprentice took the water photo below. If you get a chance, take a look at what these teens are creating; they’re making KDHX proud.


Written by Allison Trombley.