Video: A Swinging Summer Lunch

The summer is coming to a close. It was bound to happen.

Along with (and really inseparable from) the almost San Diego-like weather Saint Louis has had, the KDHX events I’ve attended, from Harvest Sessions to Lunchtime at the Old Post Office Plaza, have been a blast. Low-key, friendly, entertaining and often free, these musical happenings always remind me why I love this town.

This afternoon’s set by Swing DeVille at Lunchtime at the Old Post Office Plaza, was a summer event highlight for me. A lot of bands claim to swing; these distinguished veterans — with just two guitars, a violin and an up-right bass — arc and sway and swing definitively, sounding like a full-bodied, old time orchestra, blown in from some gypsy valley, at once far off and very close to home.

They’ve got a new Western Swing CD out called Salt up the Dance Floor. Highly recommended. And check out a Flickr slideshow from the afternoon.

If you haven’t made it down to the Old Post Office Plaza for lunch this summer, there are still two more free concerts: Dock Ellis Band on September 25 and Samba Bom on October 2.

Video by KDHX volunteer Nic Larrabure.