Ten Things I Didn’t Know About the Wooden Sky + Video

Last night at Off Broadway I learned a few things about Toronto band the Wooden Sky: 1) They’ve been playing together since around 2003, starting out as Friday Morning’s Regret, a name no one regrets changing. 2) They’ve never played Saint Louis before, and their bass player has a tendency to confuse the city with Seattle. 3) When it comes to free PBR, they can hold their own. 4) Off Broadway is the “nicest club” they’ve played on a long, first US tour (they’ve opened a few dates for “death country band” Elliott Brood). 5) The Wooden Sky is louder than the RFT critic’s pick suggested. 6) That’s a good thing. 7) They have repressed “klezmer metal” tendencies, which may not be a good thing. 8) They have many more sturdy, memorable songs than a band this unknown should have. 9) They understand how to communicate those songs, sometimes quietly, sometimes manically, to an audience of only 20 people. 10) They won’t be unknown for long.

I wrote about the song below, “Something Hiding for Us in the Night,” in the Riverfront Times last week. I can’t fully explain what the song is about, though in lyrics and sound it captures a certain unconscious, almost Freudian dread, a dimly dawning realization that the uneasy dreams we all have mean more than we dare guess—but in the end we’re all in this dark dream together.