Down Yonder: Top Ten from 2009

These CDs (all released in 2009) represent ten of my favorites from last year, ones I like a lot.  Ranking them would be silly so, as much as I enjoy doing silly things sometimes, here I chose to list them in alphabetical order by artist.

See the rest of the list after the jump.

While there were many other worthwhile recrodings released last year, by definition a “top ten list” can include only ten titles.  That said, here are five other favorites from 2009 worthy of mention:
Best wishes for a bright and prosperous new year, one filled with music and laughter.


  • Roy Kasten

    Man, I have some shopping to do. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • John Matlock

    My brother and I saw the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Station Inn in Nashville back in February, 2003.They were great even back then!