A Fan’s Farewell to Larry Weir

I am just one of the many people who was fortunate enough to know Larry Weir and to have my musical life shaped by his love of the singer-songwriter’s art, a love he manifested so eloquently on his radio show.  Like anyone who knew Larry or listened to his show, I could go on and on about what a superb person he was and how much his life and his radio show meant to me.  But I won’t.  Instead, I’ll just let this sign above the Pony Espesso in Alton, Ill., testify to the reach and impact of Larry’s life.  Good show, Larry.

A farewell from friends at the Pony Espresso in Alton, Ill.

A farewell from friends at the Pony Espresso in Alton, Ill.


  • http://cabinfeverconcert.com Mark Stoffel

    Hello Keith
    I just wanted to make you aware of an event on February 5th, a nice evening of good bluegrass music in Murphysboro, IL,
    featuring Chris Jones & the Nightdrivers, Nedski & Mojo, and the Rural Kings. Would you mind perhaps mentioning the concert during your upcoming programs?
    It’s actually a benefit concert for the Liberty Theater, we even have our own URL & Website (www.cabinfeverconcert.com), check it out!
    You can point your listeners straight to the website, that would be best.
    The Theater is a great space and makes for wonderful concerts, but it needs help … there’s no backstage area (no dressing room, green room), among other things.
    It used to be an old movie theater, now it’s used for all kinds of art events. In any case, we’re trying to make this a successful annual event, this time we’re bringing in
    national talent and we hope we’re able to pay them what they’re worth!
    Let me know if you got this
    thanks very much &