Larry Weir: A Labor of Love

Amid a flood of tributes so well deserved, here’s yet another from a fellow KDHX Golden Oldie. I know the ripples of influence from my longtime radio pal will continue to reach our ears, our hearts — surely at just the right time.

“Larry Weir: One man’s love brought Americana music to many”

(from the St. Louis Beacon, written by Jean Ponzi)


  • Erica Lewis

    I first met Larry Weir in 1991, when I started volunteering at KDHX, a year before I started programming. He was never, ever without a kind word and a smile, and was actually the first person at the station to tell me he liked my voice and had me record some psa’s for the station. I miss him dearly and pray for comfort to his wife Kathy all all of those who loved him so. Truly a great loss. I am still so sad.