Larry Weir, New Slogan, and Live Music

Larry Weir died a month ago today.

I still expect to see him at his desk when I walk back in his “office” to find a cd. It’s weird.

KDHX wouldn’t be what it is today without Larry’s hard work, knowledge, and enthusiastic spirit for an independent voice for St. Louis.  He has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to share the best damn Americana music I can find. Thanks Larry, you were a great guy.

As you may have heard, KDHX’s new slogan is “Independent Music Plays Here”.  At first it grated on me (and many listeners that I have talked to), but I must say that when I’m listening to other programs and hear the DJ’s say it, I kinda like it. We ARE independent, we mainly play music except for Monday night’s talk block, and we are the only station that really stands out. I was listening to Ska’s The Limit hosted by JJ Loy tonight, and I gotta say that it sounded good, and I feel like it ties the station together, so we don’t seem like 80 or 90 seperate fiefdoms. Anything that pulls in the casual listener or gets us exposure is cool in my book, since we rely so much on listener support. Give the people what they want!

Yesterday (2/12/10 – Lincoln’s Birthday) two musicians who I respect and admire came by the station to perform some songs live: longtime Guy Clark sideman Verlon Thompson, and Freedy Johnston. Verlon did a 4 song set, including a couple of love songs he penned for his wife. He’s a real nice fella. Freedy came in just after Verlon’s set was over to perform a few songs from his new album “Rain On The City”, as well as a request by yours truly for his cover of “Wichita Lineman”. Freedy and his lovely wife were posing for pics with me (taken by Thomas Crone) in the air studio as my show was expiring, which was strangely exciting! Probably my favorite show I’ve done on KDHX since I started “Medication” back in January 2004 (although Ryan Bingham and Cracker also kicked ass).

The Blues just took care of the Capitals in a shootout tonight, and are just 3 points out in the Western Conference. After the Olympics, the Blues play the first 6 games on the road: 3/2 – Phoenix, 3/4 – Dallas, 3/6 – Colorado, 3/11 – NY Islanders, 3/13 – Columbus, and 3/14 – Minnesota. Considering thier road record, this isn’t a bad thing. The first home game is the day before St. Patrick’s Day (whom I am named after) against Colorado. Let’s Go BLUES!


  • Shadwick

    I actually think the new line is great.

  • johnthei

    I agree at first it grated on me also. What is the schedule for saying it, once every half hour? I was trying to time it for a while, if it was on the 20s or 10 before the hour or what but I hear it at what seems all different times. But now, after hearing it enough, I think it makes KDHX stand out a bit to the casual listener.

    Be seeing you

  • All ears

    The new slogan is cool by me. I,ve turned the dial to 88.1 for years to many people and recently its even easier as so many tire of commercial radio. “Independent Music Plays Here” indeed.

  • goodgirl

    Just play independent music! You don’t have to have 100 people saying that’s what you do if you do it. We have ears; we get it. Here’s a more apt tweak: “Independent Music And People Saying ‘Independent Music Plays Here’ Plays Here.” Will you post this?

  • Kayci

    I can only imagine walking into Larry’s office and not seeing him. He was a fixture there, always smiling, talking radio (or baseball or dogs) and generally being helpful with picking a song or rewriting a PSA. Also wanted to say that the Independent Music Plays here really does tie the station together. It’s professional sounding and though at first did seem annoying it really makes a difference. LOVE IT! KDHX the best radio station!!!