A Day in the Life of A New Website

I recently realized that I’ve just passed six months of being here at KDHX, redeveloping the KDHX website through our Interactive Web Media Project. That means my year here is halfway over, and it means that I have a lot of updates to share.

Some highlights from the process so far include:

That’s a brief look at a few of the highlights so far. Over the coming weeks I will be posting in more depth about aspects of the project, including some of these. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, I would love to talk to you more about the process; feel free to email me: robyn.haas -at- kdhx -dot- org.


  • http://short.kdhx.org/18d2b5 Roy Kasten

    I am so fired up about all the hard work you and IT Guru Steve Ley have been doing. KDHX Online has so much potential and you two have the vision and the skills.

  • http://beepbeepboopboop.com/ Kate

    Robyn, thanks for sharing this info here!