The Hood Internet x KDHX: Mashups, Yo!

With over 6,000 Facebook fans, the Hood Internet proves that mashups ain’t goin’ nowhere just yet. It doesn’t hurt that they give away all of their tracks, make creative song titles (and artwork), and have a functioning, up-to-date Web site.

STV SLV (aka Steve Reidell), half of this mashup production duo out of Chicago, visited Beep Beep Boop Boop at KDHX before their performance at Wash U’s the Gargoyle Friday, February 12. Here are some things he had to say, and his mix for KDHX along with tracklist posted below. Enjoy!

Kate: Some people think mash-ups require little skill. How would you respond to this? Mash-ups seem like a hard thing to become successful with, but you seem to keep busy with gigs etc. What do you feel drives your success?

STV SLV: Ha, there’s certainly some truth to that. Recording software is so readily available nowadays that literally anyone can put a mashup together. But in the same sense, anyone can play guitar, anyone can spin records, etc. Doesn’t mean it’s all going to sound good. ABX and I both have a background in making/producing music and I think that’s why the Hood Internet is able to stand out in a digital sea of mashups. We also work hard at touring and playing DJ sets so that crowds in all sorts of other cities have the chance to come out and dance and have a good time.

What’s the usual mashing process for you?

Cut up SONG A to make an “instrumental” of sorts that’s tailored to the verse/hook structure of SONG B. When applicable, stretch tempo, re-pitch or on rare occasion, auto-tune! Repeat.

Any interesting legal stories?

None yet. But hopefully someday there will be something that Law & Order bases a plot on.

What do you think about the creativity of artists like yourself in the current music industry? What do you predict will happen to artists who thrive on the creativity of sampling etc., in the next 5 years? or ten?

Well, it’s hard to predict where music itself will be in the next 5-10 years. To wit, in the ’90s when I was listening to mostly grunge, I wouldn’t have guessed that in 10 years time there would be amazing bands like LCD Soundsystem. So really, who knows. People always want something new, and after a while things like Hood Internet and Girl Talk will become tiresome. Sampling has been around for quite a while, and it’s always taking on new forms, like Washed Out for example: awesome songs that are primarily rooted in sampling. But even that could get old in 5 years. Hopefully grunge has made a full comeback by then. That would rule.

The Hood Internet Mashups, Yo! – Live at KDHX by beepbeepkate

caribou – odessa
lykke li x holy ghost – i’m good i’m ghost
weezer x glass candy – buddy holly’s imagination
kid sister x walter meego – pro nails forever
talking heads x ellen alien & apparat – psycho break
foals x the chain gang of 1974 – electric dirt
telephoned x the-dream – rockin that thang
drake x birdman x delorean – blowin money at the deli
big boi ft purple ribbon all-stars x ghislain poirier – blazin kryptonite
r. kelly x major lazer – ignition (keep it remixing louder)
ludacris x joker & ginz – how purple can you go
BBU x body language x shuttle – juke this city


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  • Roy Kasten

    I’ve never really gotten the whole mashup genre; maybe it’s over my head. But Hood Internet might just be changing my perspective. Their sound makes me want to dig deeper…

  • stlgirl

    What do you think of the new KDHX logo? Thanks for the 3 meaningless options. KDHX: Independent Media Plays Here (if you say what we want.) What is happening to this organization? You are desperate and scared and need money. You will sell out your community values to that end. Those billboards don’t even look like you sound. So, are you going to make the station sound like they look? How will you make 100 independent dj’s cow-tow and sound like you want? Scare them too? Oh, no big deal just say this. Don’t say that. That’s all. Oh, by the way say this too…And this…and play this…..what? you won’t? Ok, your show is gone. Desperate. By the way…contrived quirky = gay (not good gay, but retarded gay) Will you post this? No, what if you edit the gay/retard stuff? I give you my permission. Just change it to contrived quirky = lame. Ok, now? How much did you have to pay some ad wizard to come up with this crap? Oh, well, we had a grant to use for this. Well, use it better. This IMPH thing makes little sense (only when you have everyone saying it does it even begin to have a place.) But why would someone say that unless they were made to? They wouldn’t and that’s what’s so lame about it. Your dj’s aren’t paid announcers. Now, a preacher saying amen after each line makes sense. He feels it, amen. You know what I mean?, amen. Not, Jesus, that new track by Theodore was right on, IMPH. (Gay)–feel free to 86 that parenthetical too. I don’t like where KDHX seems to be headed. Why does everything have to end up this way? This WAS our last refuge for reality, soulfulness, independence, and unmediated self-expression in the public realm in our fair town. Now what? Sad state of affairs. That’s as creative as you can be? To follow tired corporate models? Desperate, amen. By the way, I am gay and I have a retarded sibling (not gay retarded, either.) 86 that if you want. Well, we won’t print it because it has nothing to do with the post where the comment was left? Well, where can you post it then? Community my bing bong.