Photos: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @KDHX on March 23, 2010

In a unique flyby performance, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club dropped into the 88.1 KDHX Magnolia Ave Studio for an all acoustic set. Check out some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club by opening the archive for Juxtaposition with Rob Levy on March 24, 2010.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Lucas Cook, Crazy Heart, and other musings

The first day of Spring today. Thank GOD. According to the National Weather Service, we went 94 days in a row with the high temp below 55 degrees, a streak which ended a couple of weeks ago. While I actually like Winter, I usually get tired of it after the Super Bowl, when I start longing (again) for Cardinal baseball. Here’s hoping for a relatively storm-free Spring.

Lucas Cook will be calling in from Austin this Friday (March 26th) to talk about his new cd, a 5-song EP which I think is quite excellent. Of course I’ll be sharing several cuts from the cd as well. Check him out at

I picked up the Crazy Heart soundtrack this week, and I can’t remember the last time I listened to a movie soundtrack that I liked so much. Currently it’s the #1 album on the Americana chart, and the #6 Country album according to Billboard. Ryan Bingham sings the theme song, as well as a couple of others. This album is literally stuffed with great songs, including Kitty Wells – “Searching (For Someone Like You)”, George Jones – “Color Of The Blues”, Buck Owens – “Hello Trouble”, and Townes Van Zandt – “If I Needed You”.  Best Actor Jeff Bridges is a pretty good singer too. This is the ULTIMATE Americana album, and a microcosm of Interstate. Buy this album.

I also bought the relatively new Radney Foster album, Revival. I am a little embarrassed that I didn’t catch on to this record sooner, as it easily would have made my Top Ten albums list for last year. Whoops. Regardless, it is outstanding, easily Radney’s best since 1994′s Labor Of Love. (or as they say in the U.K., Labour)

As you may or may not recall, I talked about my periodic intense fixations on certain artists, both old and new. My newest mental breakdown focuses on Eddie Rabbitt. He was born in Brooklyn and grew up in East Orange, NJ (there is a West, South, and just regular Orange as well…commonly referred to as “The Oranges”). He scored many #1 hits, both Pop and Country, but I always liked the 1988 album “I Wanna Dance With You”. It’s been out of print, but I found a compilation that has 5 songs from that album, and songs from “Rabbitt Tracks”(1985). I have been looking for some of these songs for years, and I will share many of them with you in the coming weeks.

Thanks as always for listening to my show. I am always grateful when I receive compliments about the music, and I thank you. The Membership Drive is coming up April 1st through the 11th, and your support is what drives the station. Please call in and give us a hand: 314-664-3688.

KDHX Spring Membership Drive 2010 is around the corner

We’ve got spring fever here at 88.1 KDHX. As we head into our twenty-third year of broadcasting the finest independent music and information in Saint Louis, we’ve got big plans and exciting opportunities for growth. But we can’t do it without you, our listeners and contributing members.

So get in early on the Spring drive: Support KDHX today!

Spring Membership Drive begins Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 5 a.m. Central. You should contribute to the growth of KDHX for the exact same reasons that you listen to KDHX. You tune into 88.1 because:

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Listen to the Sadat X interview with 88.1 KDHX

Photo by Will Tell.

Photo by Will Tell.

Sadat X chatted with me over the phone on February 19 to discuss his upcoming album, Wild Cowboys 2, due out March 23. Stream the weekly radio show Beep Beep Boop Boop here, anytime via Here’s the interview:

Sadat X Interview with KDHX by beepbeepkate

…and peep the first single, “Turn It Up” featuring Pete Rock:

Turn it Up (feat. Pete Rock) (CLEAN) by beepbeepkate


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The Band Of Heathens on Interstate Friday 3/12/10 at 11 a.m.

Sorry, but it went down to the wire as to whether the band was going to make it or not, but it’s a go! They recorded their set late this afternoon (before thier gig at Off Broadway tonight) and will air just after 11 a.m. Friday, March 12 on the Interstate. The Band of Heathens is an Austin group whose star is rising fast, with their 2009 album One Foot in the Ether hitting #1 on the Americana music charts, as well as one of my personal favorite Top Ten albums of last year. If you miss it, the show will be streaming online at for the next 2 weeks, so check it out!

Psychedelic Spotlight: Ten Questions with valis from Trip Inside This House

I recently held an e-mail conversation with the great music blog Head Full of Snow. Thanks to Nick for allowing me to cross-post it here. –valis

The blog Trip Inside This House is…a cornucopia of psychedelic goodness, taking its name from the 13th Floor Elevators track “Slip Inside This House” and overseen by the encyclopedic mind gone high that is valis Hertel. A fairly regular series on the Trip Inside This House site is Ten Questions, where valis grills someone currently active on the psych music scene (playing, writing, bloody great fan), so the rest of us can discover what makes these polychromatic peoples tick.

Being the crusading force of originality that HFoS is, we decided to nick this idea wholesale and turn the technicolour tables on the man who poses the questions, valis himself.

The man knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to wax lyrical on all things mind-expandingly musical. One of the many thoroughly interesting, kaleidoscopic troubadours writing on the genre today.

Those adverse to infectious enthusiasm and the desire to share it with others need not apply.

1. In ten words, or less, define “psychedelic music.”

Brain-analogue triggering devices to trip inside this house…

2. When and where did your love of psychedelic music arise?

As far as psychedelic music it’s been nearly 20 years now. My readings in the late ’80s were leading me further and further “down a rabbit hole,” with Robert Anton Wilson leading, and showing, the way. I’d copy his bibliographies and always had those on hand when going to used book stores or the library. When I felt stymied enough over the course of a few months I’d request an inter-library loan and get a book that way as my only recourse. (I’d get some strange looks, too, when requesting some of those titles.)

That was a prefatory to music exploring the same things I was reading about, i.e. “explorations of inner space.” This culminated in late 1991 with a friend loaning me a copy of the Spaceman 3 cassettes and the Roky* tribute, Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye. That compilation was a true eye opening experience! No pun intended. I sought out further music from the bands contributing and haven’t been the same since. (I do enjoy power pop, too. But my main focus and obsession is psychedelic music. It fills that human desire which Ronald Siegel has termed “the Fourth Drive.”)

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