Add Some Music To Your Day

While I was doing my show, Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst Thursday morning, and giving our listeners as many reasons as I could come up with to get them to donate their hard-earned money to KDHX during our Spring Membership Drive, I had a moment that really drove home the point to me that this radio station is really special.  Here’s what happened.

My friend valis, who does a show in the same time slot as mine on Tuesday mornings called Trip Inside This House, was in the studio with me.  It’s always easier to do these Membership Drive shows with a partner; helps to keep things light and fun as we chat about music and baseball while the music spins and as we implore our fine listeners between the music to pledge their support.

I fell well shy of my membership goals during my show from the previous week and, although I was doing better yesterday, I was hoping to do much better and was a little anxious. The calls were trickling in and I saved the best music for the latter part of my show. Each song better than the last as we built to a climax that would leave listeners no choice but to call that number (314-664-3688) or go online ( to pledge .

I thought The Beach Boys track, “Add Some Music To Your Day” from their 1970 Sunflower album was a good song that would resonate with what we do at KDHX. “The Sunday morning gospel goes good with the soul. There’s blues, folk and country and rock like a rolling stone.” I mentioned to valis that I couldn’t think of a better track to get listeners to call and we talked about how so many great Beach Boys songs don’t get the airplay they deserve on other stations, but we get it here at KDHX. “The world could come together as one if everybody under the sun…add some music to your day. Add some music, add some music. Add some music to their day.” “Those harmonies are electric on this one,” valis added. I mentioned that I heard Hendrix once described the Beach Boys as “a Barbershop Quartet on acid.” ” You’ll hear it while you’re walking by a neighbor’s home. You’ll hear it faintly in the distance when you’re on the phone.” On went valis’s headphones to better hear those electric harmonies.

You’re sitting in a dentist’s chair and they’ve got music for you there…to add some music. Add some music, add some, add some music to your day.” I turned the volume on the studio’s speakers up a little more. “Your doctor knows it keeps you calm. Your preacher adds it to his psalms…so add some music. Add some music, add some. Add some music to your day. Music when you’re alone is like a companion for your lonely soul.” Then out with the song’s next line, “When day is over I close my tired eyes. Music in my soul.” comes a piece of paper from the ticker, which sits midway between me and valis and notifies us that we have another person to thank for pledging their support.  He looks at me, raises his arm and shows me the goose-bumps there.  “At the movie you can feel it touching your heart and on every day of the summertime you’ll hear children chasing ice cream carts.

It made me realize once again just how powerful music can be.  Right at that moment it justified all the time spent putting together shows and getting up at around 3:45 am every Thursday and all the pledge pitching and all the wondering if there’s more than a handful of people listening at any given moment and I knew right then and there that was the perfect song to be playing and it was absolutely connecting with our great listeners and I never felt prouder or more privileged or pleased to be sharing it.

“They’ll play it on your wedding day. There must be about a million ways …to add some music.  Add some music, add some. Add some music to your day.”

Tune into KDHX and add some music to your day…indeed.


  • Kate

    Goosebumps, indeed as well!

    :) Kate

  • EricRush

    My 1st ever interweb blog post – well said steve err Rich – you have given me a new music quote other than Nietzsche and Plato (Music is a moral law…) – Thank you Willin’ is my new fav song – hope to see u Sunday at bbq

  • Allen

    Great story, Rich. Moments like that are what make sharing KDHX that much more special. Keep up the good work on PtBBB!


  • Cliff

    Bonjour Rich,

    What a heartwarming account. Music is certainly a powerful catalyst for good. I’ve lost count now of the number of bands that Valis has turned me on to. I try and catch Valis’ show as often as I can work permitting, over here in France his show goes out between the hours of 12-2 pm, I’ll have to, “Add some music to my Thursdays” here on in.