Phoenix blazes through St. Louis and the Pageant, Monday, August 9

With a recent fall tour announcement of arenas, St. Louis was in for a treat Monday night as Phoenix played to a sold-out crowd at the Pageant. Coming out with guns blazing, frantic strobes lit the fuse for Phoenix’s set opener “Lisztomania” and thus, the dance party was on, for at the least the next 30 minutes anyway. After the high-energy start, a curtain dropped and faded into the 7-plus-minute interlude, “Love like A Sunset,” which left the crowd in a befuddled state and basically killed the momentum of both band and audience.

After this momentary lapse, the curtain dropped and the show got back on track with the band working their way through the second half of their set composed mostly of tracks off of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Once they finished the last song of the set at roughly the 50-minute mark, a chorus of groans echoed throughout the Pageant. Rest assured, the party was not over just yet and sure enough, Thomas Mars and Christian Mazzalai quickly found their way back to the stage for a slower paced rendition (lacked the dancy bounce of the original version) of “Everything is Everything” off their 2004 album, Alphabetical. Once the full band returned to wrap up the show, the crowd erupted from the opening notes of “1901″ in which Thomas Mars found himself wandering around the crowd on various tables making sure to be thankful for the enthusiasm for the band’s first ever show in St. Louis.

Fresh off a headlining appearance at Lollapalooza, something tells me the next go round Phoenix will be hitting one of our various arenas with their expansive dance rock. It’s perfectly suited for larger venues (the sheer volume and frantic crowd threatened to rip the Pageant roof off like a pop top).

This will be one of those shows you look back on in a few years and brag to all your friends you saw them first.


  • Dan Pritchett

    I could not have said it any better. The show was one of the best I’ve ever seen at The Pageant.