Concert review: Exter vs. Kimock bring classical rock to Principia College, Friday, February 25

Exter vs. Kimock

Hey there, Brother Dan here. I would like to share with you a concert review I received from a long time listener and member of my show, Ryan Moore. I was able to witness a fantastic show with him featuring Exter vs. Kimock from Bethlehem, Pa. What he puts into words, I couldn’t say any better. Enjoy!

Originally, my Friday night plan consisted of sitting right here at my computer researching and writing about prostitution, and that plan was to continue until Sunday night. Lucky for me, that plan changed at about 9:15 p.m. when Brother Dan invited me to attend the Exter vs. Kimock show with him at Principia College, a Christian Science College about 20 miles from where I live in Edwardsville, Ill.

Both of us knew what type of college Principia was known as when we headed into the thing, but neither of us knew what to expect, other than phenomenal music being performed by Exter and Kimock. The gig was upstairs in a building known as Howard Hall, which took some time to find, but as we ascended the stairs to the venue, we knew we’d found the right place. The sounds of a traditionally set up drum set, being played masterfully, and a cello being played in a very unorthodox way, were the first sounds to greet us. The further up the stairs we went, the more clear the music became….

Nevertheless, the music moved us. Among a hundred or so Christian Science students, Dan and I were almost the only humans in the room who showed any kind of emotional and physical attachment to the music, and you could see the relief in the eyes of the performers once they noticed us. The energy purveyed through the music seemed to pick up and continue its upward trend for the rest of the show, and I can’t help but think that Dan and I had at least a little something to do with it.

The performance was fantastic. However, the sound team apparently was not familiar with the theme of the show. As a viewer, one could pick up what was supposed to be heard by watching the musicians play it, but at times only small nuances of what should be heard were being broadcast to the audience, and sometimes almost nothing at all. For instance, as the name suggests, Exter vs. Kimock is supposed to be somewhat of an onstage duel between the drum set and the cello which ultimately comes together to form an entire piece of beautiful music. Instead of sounding like it should, a person could actually watch John Morgan Kimock play certain drumbeats but couldn’t hear them, especially the beats played on the tom and bass drum as though anything lower in pitch than a snare couldn’t be picked up by the microphones. Either that or the whole set just wasn’t mic’d right.

All in all though, Exter vs. Kimock put on a show like no other. The way in which Trevor Exter plays his cello will be recognizable by fans of classical music at some points and recognizable by no one at others, because the technique used is almost nothing like any cello performance anyone has ever seen. The man is a clear innovator in the field of large, stringed instruments and is sure to not disappoint any true fan of music. Also, John Morgan Kimock, who is the son of jam-band great, Steve Kimock, will blow the mind of any music fan with his accompaniment of intelligently crafted drumbeats.

No doubt, this band will be returning to the Metro-East area as well as certain venues in Northern and Central Illinois. I for one will definitely be there for as many as I can!

Be sure to tune in Wednesday night March 2 at 3:30 a.m. for the Smoking Lounge. I’ll be airing a live performance with Exter vs Kimock recorded at the KDHX studios. You can also stream the session below:

Exter vs Kimock: Live at KDHX 2/23/11 by KDHX


  • Chaylee

    I’m sorry Dan, you must have not seen me there. As a student of Christian Science I value music that requires thought and compassion to be both produced as well as received. I realize the crowd at Principia is not used to the ingenuity that Trevor Exter brings to the cello and because of that I believe a large part of the audience gave their attention to his, as well as John Kimock’s skill on their respective instruments. I knew full well that getting them a gig here, at Principia, would be something new and out of the ordinary- that’s partly the reason why I did it. I know for sure that by the end of the night several people expressed their gratitude for the music, even if the mics weren’t set up exactly right. In addition, Trevor and John said they really enjoyed the crowd and the venue and are planning their next gig at Prin. Hope to see you there.