Thursday morning music news: 88.1 KDHX DJs pick midyear favorites, iTunes rumor mill revs up and Susanna Clark and Andy Griffith pass on

RIP Susanna Clark, songwriter, artist and wife of Guy Clark.

Frank Ocean bids farewell to the closet.

Over 30 88.1 KDHX DJs pick their favorite albums so far this year. And don’t miss KDHX’s top spins of midyear 2012.

Flavorwire looks at the most overlooked albums of the year thus far.

Meanwhile, Pitchfork looks past the midyear mark to some of the upcoming releases of the summer.

American icon, Andy Griffith, has died at age 86. And while he may not have whistled that classic theme song, he was a darn good singer.

Tom Cruise may not have Katie Holmes but he’s still got M83.

In mash up news: Metallica meets Herbie Hancock.

Remember that guy who punched Danzig? Me neither, but he’s writing a book about that world historical moment.

The Believer is out with its annual and indispensable music issue.

Iggy Pop dishes — and disses the Clash along the way.

You’ve heard about vintage player pianos. This is a hi-tech knitter piano.

Fact connects the dots between club music and tinnitus.

And as long as you’re breaking out the earplugs, here’s a new song by Dinosaur Jr.

Andre 3000′s biopic on Jimi Hendrix has one tiny, little problem: No Hendrix music.

Get ready (or not) for the new iTunes.

Lightning Bolt hits the road, with lost material in tow.

The New York Times looks at campaign politics and the Beach Boys.

Roxy Music gets the 40th Anniversary box set treatment.

Sony gobbles up EMI publishing.

Congrats to Adele and Simon Konecki on their big news.

Behold: The oldest vinyl record in the history of the world.