All Aboard for Fun Times: St. Louis show highlights for 8/17-8/18

All Aboard for Fun Times Train

Here’s the lowdown on El Leñador.

When dealing with the city over noise complaints at shows, it came to light that a clause — agreed to by the owners when getting licenses in 2006 — requires them to be closed by 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; this made the end of Stag Nite at the venue all but inevitable, as late starts are a time-honored tradition for them.

While weekend and early weekday shows can continue, whether they will depends on a number of factors, including who may be willing to perform or book shows there (with their new policy on taking a percentage of the door that’s been overwhelmingly panned by the local music community).

There’s at least one more show Friday.

Some cool shows for a cooled-down weekend:

Friday, August 17

Guitarist/vocalist Mike Burgett (the Lettuce Heads) plays a rare solo show at Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios (2500 Sutton), running 8-10.

Donate what you will in the band jar — all-ages and smoke-free.

John Paul Keith & the One Four Fives / Yankee Racers / Brother Father
Blueberry Hill Duck Room 6504 Delmar 8 door/9 start $8 Smoke-free

John Paul Keith & the One Four Fives are a Memphis act that fans of party rock sounds from bands like NRBQ and The Skeletons should really dig; a mix of rock, R&B and soul styles centered by gunslinger guitar. Roy Kasten offers his opinion for the RFT.

Yankee Racers is a project of Curt Brewer (Kentucky Knife Fight) and Chicago’s Nathan Jatcko offering tasteful, folk-tinged pop-rock. I can’t track down any info on Brother Father.

The Brothers Gross / Middle Class Fashion / Bass Amp & Dano / Bruiser Queen
El Leñador 3124 Cherokee 8 door/9 start $? (21+ only) Smoke-free

Demotte, Ind.’s The Brothers Gross play a fun mix of rock/punk/garage sounds.

Middle Class Fashion offer catchy, piano-centric pop with tasty vocals — and are now a quartet, having added a synthesizer-playing member. Punk-ish rock from guitar/drums duos Bass Amp & Dano and Bruiser Queen.

Soulful rockers John Hardy & the Public — who’ve been off the scene for a while (due to his suffering a serious injury) — play at Off Broadway (3509 Lemp), along with Chicago’s Hemmngbirds and Jon Bonham & Friends.

Door at 8/show at 9, with an $8 cover (3 more for 20-under). Smoke-free.

Saturday, August 18

If you’re going to attend the show at 2720 (or even if you’re not) you should stop by Black Bear Bakery (2639 Cherokee) for An Uncontrollable Celebration, where you can enjoy a variety of food and drink and celebrate the recovery of bobEE Sweet (host of KDHX’s Uncontollable Urge) from a bout with cancer.

Peck of Dirt will perform around 7:30. A minimum donation of $10 gets you in.

Kristeen Young / CaveofswordS / Spectator / Adult Fur
2720 2720 Cherokee 8 door/8:30 start $7 (+3 18-20) Smoke-free

I’m a bit ambivalent about this show; your humble servant was not amused by Kristeen Young’s diva-esque refusal to play her last gig (at the Way Out Club, where she apparently thought it would be possible to sound as loud/clear as she would at larger venues like this one).

That being said, the former local — a long-time resident of NYC — is a captivating performer of dramatic, highly-emotional songs.

Trippy, techno-rock sounds from CaveofswordS. Spectator offer lush ensemble-pop sounds. I haven’t witnessed Adult Fur (aka Ryan McNeely).

The Vondrukes / Karate Bikini / Violet White
The Heavy Anchor 5226 Gravois 9 start $5 Smoke-free

A twangy array of sounds — with a potent three-guitar attack — from the Vondrukes.

Distinctive, finely-crafted pop-ish rock from Karate Bikini.

Violet White is an alter-ego of Ellen the Felon Cook, playing covers (and possibly some originals).

Your humble servant,

Dick Caveat