All Aboard for Fun Times: St. Louis show highlights for 2/1-2/2

All Aboard for Fun Times Train

The month starts with a bang — and a chill!

Friday is overloaded (Saturday’s quite busy, as well), with cited-rarely-of-late venues Cicero’s and Plush back in the mix:

Friday, February 1

Kristeen Young / Bruiser Queen / CaveofswordS
Cicero’s 6691 Delmar 8 door/8:30 start $10 (17-up) Smoke-free

Former local and long-time NYC resident Kristeen Young is a captivating performer of dramatic, highly emotional songs.

High-energy pop-punk sounds from Bruiser Queen.

A blend of techno and trippy sounds from CaveofswordS.

Deadstring Brothers / Dock Ellis Band / The Bengsons
Plush 3224 Locust 8 door/9 start $8 (18+) Smoke-free

Nashville’s Deadstring Brothers (now singer/songwriter Kurt Marschke and an ever-changing band of players) offer a blend of country, rock and blues that evokes the early ’70s Rolling Stones and Gram Parsons.

Dock Ellis Band offer classic country covers and similarly styled, witty originals.

NYC’s the Bengsons are a Vaudevillian folk duo I didn’t get to preview.

Marleyfest 9 with Murder City Players and guests
Blueberry Hill Duck Room 6504 Delmar 8 door/9 start $20 (21+ only) Smoke-free

Warm your frigid body with some Caribbean vibes as our town’s reggae/ska institution Murder City Players lay down riddems for Prince Philip, Tony Rome, and several guest singers in their annual tribute to Rasta Man #1 Bob Marley.

So Many Dynamos mark a decade together making sophisticated pop-ish rock with a show at Off Broadway (3509 Lemp).

Openers Née have reason to celebrate, as well: the electro-pop act is releasing an EP tonight.

Door at 8/show at 9, with a $10 cover (3 more for 20-under – all-ages). Smoke-free.

Also on the celebration front, Firebird (2706 Olive) marks their 4th anniversary with four rock acts – Volcanos, the Breaks, the Brainstems and Roundheels.

Door at 8/show at 9, with a $5 cover (3 more for 18-20). Smoke-free.

Richard the Lionhearted / Blank Range / Boreal Hills
The Heavy Anchor 5226 Gravois 9 start $5 (21+ only) Smoke-free

Columbia, Mo.’s Richard the Lionhearted offers a blend of trippy and garage sounds.

Blank Range is a Nashville rock band; didn’t get to hear them.

Chicago’s Boreal Hills are a guitar/drums duo into heavy, blues-tinged rock.

Saturday, February 2

Marleyfest 9 continues, with a new twist this year — an all-ages matinee, in addition to a second night.

The matinee starts at 1 p.m., with a $10 cover, while the late show details are identical to Friday.

bulletPOP! / Loza / The Ottomen / Acorns to Oaks
Off Broadway 3509 Lemp 7 door/8 show $7 (+3 under 21, all-ages) Smoke-free

Catchy, driving punk-pop-rock from bulletPOP!, with a vibe sometimes reminiscent of Rezillos and early Blondie – they release an EP tonight.

Dreamy rock soundscapes by Loza.

The Ottomen have seen a lot of members come and go, but fun rock with a garage/surf vibe is a constant.

Acorns to Oaks is a self-described experimental folk trio I haven’t witnessed.

Bug Chaser / Bloody Knives / Tone Rodent / Demonlover
Plush 3224 Locust 8 door/9 start $6 (18+) Smoke-free

A quartet of bands that reject convention (and push the sonic envelope – better bring the plugs!).

Bug Chaser offer up noisy, distorted punk with an art-rock edge – Devo cranked to 11 through laptop speakers.

Over-driven psych/pop/synth/punk sounds from Austin’s Bloody Knives.

Tone Rodent play loud, somewhat trippy noise-rock.

Hard-to-describe, potent rock from Demonlover.

Swing DeVille
Schlafly Bottleworks 7260 Southwest 9 start Free (minors only with adults) Smoke-free

Fans of western swing or jazz artists like Django Rinehardt and Stephane Grappelli will dig Swing DeVille – sweet sounds from players with serious chops.

Your humble servant,

Dick Caveat