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Sunny Boy's Photo I'm a veteran KDHX programmer, host of Howz it Bayou? every Tuesday afternoon on 88.1 FM. My passions include all the flavors in a Louisiana gumbo: blues, jazz, rock, soul, country, pop, zydeco, cajun, Tex-Mex and calypso. I spend days as a genetic research technician at Washington University School of Medicine and nights as a musician in the Sins of the Pioneers. Visit us on Myspace.

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Fred’s “Six Feet Under” – Grand Re-Opening Tonight!

The heir-apparent to Frederick’s Music Lounge, hosted and bartended by Fred Friction himself, is finally re-opening, after more than a year of bureaucratic-hoop-jumping-through by the owners of the Iron Barley. That’s where the cozy basement bar is that becomes the music club in the cold weather months.

Tonight, from 10:00 ’til Midnight or so, the Sins of the Pioneers are bringing their multi-generational brand of New Orleans Jazz and R&B, Rock & Roll, Country, and Creole Caribbeanisms to heat up the night.

It’s tradition without the tedium. That’s at 5510 Virginia Ave — just north of Bates. (You have to go around back to get down there.)

White man’s burden

I’m sure by now, most of you have encountered Christian Landers’ very funny blog, “Stuff White People Like“.

If you haven’t yet, keep in mind that his satire target is not White people in general, or the easy target redneck types, but educated, liberal, urban types. A whole lot of his commentors still don’t seem to get this and bother to argue with him and each other.

Anyway, the latest posting hits quite close to home, and it’s funny shit. For somebody like myself, and a whole lot of other KDHX denizens, this calls into question what, for me, is one of my very reasons for living. Hell, I’m in the middle of what’s three generations of White guys who feel it’s our mission to preserve Black music culture.  Of course, this can be construed as awfully condescending. One can even extend this thing in our KDHX world into music of rural white folks that they don’t listen to anymore. Can anybody here stomach what passes for Country music these days?

I’ve been thinking about these matters a lot lately anyway, and wish I had some profound insight into what makes us music geek types tick, particularly the roots-oriented among us. Anybody smarter than me care to elucidate on this?

Benefit Show for Homeless Veterans

Every year, St. Nicholas Catholic Church downtown and some veterans’ organizations put on a Thanksgiving dinner for homeless veterans on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Ivan Martin, a nice guy who’s active in this outfit, has put together a benefit show this Sunday afternoon at B.B.’s Jazz, Blues, and Soups, to help raise money for this worthwhile endeavor. It’s kind of criminal that there’s such a thing as a homeless veteran.

Anyway, it’s from 4pm ’til 8 pm and features some of St. Louis’s finest Roots-type acts.

4:00 — 4:30 Raw Earth (with the Aalim belly dancers!)
4:45 — 5:30 Bottoms Up Blues Gang (St. Louis’s favorite non-geezer Blues band)
5:45 — 6:15 Tom Hall (one-time KDHX DJ and one of the best pre-war Blues practioners)

6:15 — 6:45 Tommy Holloran (Blues/Jazz/Standards)
7:00 — 8:00 Sins of the Pioneers (Yeah,yeah, my band of family and friends–Bob Wills meets Dr. John, sort of)