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Darren Snow's Photo I'm a veteran KDHX programmer and host of Rocket 88 every Tuesday morning on 88.1 FM. My blog will cover a wide range of classic pop and rock music, as well as fresh new discoveries and other sundry topics.

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Weird things I have heard on the radio: Vol. 1

1)  Columbia, MO, 1980s:  Tail end of a commercial that ended with a jingle that went “They’ve got big green numbers…and little rubber feet!”  Never found out what it was advertising.

2)  Stuck listening to Adult Contemporary station, St. Louis, mid-’90s:  During a Michael Bolton song, I suddenly heard the voice of the female announcer answering the telephone:

Announcer: “[call letters]!”

Caller: “Um, yes!  Do you think you could play something by Jewel?”

Announcer:  “I’ll see what we can do!”

Caller:  “Okay, thanks!”

A minute or two later, another call went out over the air.

Announcer:  “[call letters]!”

Caller:  “Did you know that you just had a phone call go out over the air?”

Announcer:  “Excuse me?”

Caller:  “I just heard it over the music.  Someone called and requested Jewel, and the call was audible over the radio.  In fact, I think my voice is on the radio right now.”

Announcer:  “Oh my goodness.  Thank you!  We’ll have to fix that.”

The amazing thing was that both of the on-air calls occurred during instrumental breaks in the song, timed perfectly as if it was intentional.